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In this course you will learn how to prepare your job interview. Keys and Tips for Success in Your Job Interview


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In this course you will learn, how to prepare your job interview. Keys and tips to succeed in your job interview

If you are looking for a job or are thinking of changing jobs, you have to spend time analyzing, planning and practicing how to conduct a successful job interview. In this course you will learn what the people of selection evaluate when making an interview so that you can prepare properly. The different types of interviews, the different types of evaluations that are usually carried out and the possible questions will be analyzed and we will give you advice of what to do before and during the interview, how to prepare and what questions should be done and what should not.

The job interview
In this chapter we introduce you to what the job interview is, what it is for, what is important to know, know and share, and the importance of preparing and practicing and understanding the interview process.

Introduction to the job interview and how to prepare 04:28
What we should know to prepare a job interview 04:45

About you and job interviews
In this chapter we will analyze what it is important that you know and prepare about yourself before a job interview: your strengths, your weaknesses, the type of work that interests you, your personal history or the answers to questions that could be asked, among others .

Know yourself 07:05
Define what you want 04:51
Build your own story 05:47
Prepare questions and answers 05:12

The work of your dreams, your ideal work
In this chapter we will accompany you to discover and define which company or companies are ideal for you. How to request information from your network of acquaintances, how to search the Internet and social networks and what visits to companies can bring you.

Where would you like to work and why 06:16
Check your network of contacts 04:00
Visit to the company 04:53
Read reviews and comments about the company 03:26

What to know about the company in which you are going to be interviewed
In this chapter we will see what information is important to know about the company you are applying to: what information to find out, what are the values ​​that it has, the news that companies and media share, who are its executives

The company: who they are and what they do 04:45
The company: knowing its ways of acting 02:41
The company: knowing its values ​​04:37
What achievements call you the attention of a company 02:50
What news did you read about the company that will interview you 03:25
What do you know about the leaders of the company 02:25

The position to which you are applying
In this chapter we will see what you need to know about the position you are applying to. Knowing the objectives, tasks, budget and equipment of the area will help you to think what tasks and contributions you could make to the company.

What do you know about the position 01:44
Objectives of the area 03:16
What do they expect from you in the position 02:22
Budget of the position to which you are applying 01:36
Team the area and the position to which you are applying 02:46
What could you contribute to the company 02:54

About Human Resources and the selection process
In this chapter we will know all the peculiarities about the selection process of the companies and the team that carries them out: who are those involved, what is their work process, what questions will they ask, what kind of interviews will they take, what exams or evaluations will they have? consider.

Who are the people who are going to interview us 02:29
How do you recruit the human resources staff 04:33
How is the selection process in a company 04:52
What the human resources staff will want to know about us 05:51
What can you ask the human resources staff 02:38
Types of interviews 06:55
Types of evaluations 04:47

Body language, empathy and emotions
In this section we analyze the impact of emotions, empathy and body language during a job interview. Also why it is important to consider dress protocols and how to do it.

Emotions and job interview 04:53
Gestures and body attitude 10:03
Clothing to use during the job interview 04:21

How to negotiate salary and benefits
In this section we explain how to negotiate the salary, what to take into account, what role the regulations play in each country and what benefits exist and can be considered in each industry to negotiate during the job interview.

How to negotiate your salary 05:51
What benefits can be negotiated 03:52

Closing and conclusions of the course
In this section we give the last recommendations to be successful in the job interview and we close the course. We give you three fundamental tips that summarize some of the main aspects seen.

Conclusions on how to have a successful job interview 01:56

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Course Prepare your job interview

Course Prepare your job interview

In this course you will learn how to prepare your job interview. Keys and Tips for Success in Your Job Interview

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