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Learn how to prepare your curriculum vitae, the keys and tips to create and share your CV


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Learn how to prepare your curriculum vitae, the keys and tips to create and share your CV

If you are looking for a job or are thinking about changing jobs, you have to dedicate time to plan and develop a winning curriculum vitae, which allows you to capture the attention of Human Resources specialists. In this course you will learn how to prepare your CV to be useful and attractive to the people of selection. We will review what information you should include and you will see how to develop searchable profiles on the web and digital spaces, both from the content and from the place of publication. We will reflect on the importance of having a good design or visual structure and analyze the convenience of publishing your profile through digital applications such as YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat.

The curriculum vitae
In this chapter we give an introduction to the fundamental points to take into account when developing the curriculum vitae. From what it serves, the differences with the biography, how they look and what people look at Human Resources and the verification and expansion of data.

What is a curriculum vitae and what is it good for 04:18
Differences with the Biography of a Person 02:41
How the interviewers look at a resume 03:55
What interviewers look at on a resume 02:24
Verification of data in a resume 04:33
Search for more information on curriculum vitae 01:37

How your resume can help you in the job search
In this chapter we will analyze the best practices to make your curriculum vitae a winner and help you in your job search. We will see how to define objectives, transmit work experience or demonstrate the impact of work, among others.

Define and share your work goals 05:33
Tell your work experience based on the resume 05:17
Demonstrate the impact of your work and your work achievements 03:13
Describe your academic career in the curriculum vitae 04:02
Highlight your non-work achievements on your resume 02:11
Explain your interests in your resume 02:07
Include references and contacts in the curriculum vitae 03:21

How to make your resume vitae visually attractive
In this chapter we share different formats of resumes that you can develop depending on the style of the company, the position and the interviewer. We highlight more creative and visual formats and analyze when to use each of them.

Meet the audience and the position to which you apply 03:06
Different basic formats of curriculum vitae 09:28
Attractive formats for a resume 06:04
Adapt the curriculum to new media and social networks 06:01

How to make your resume easily found
In this chapter we tell you all the alternatives used by the human resources people in charge of recruiting candidates so that you can take them into account and take advantage of them so that your curriculum vitae can be easily found.

How applicants or candidate recruiters look for 04:45
Where are the recruiters looking for candidates 04:51
Keywords and how to use them in curriculum vitae 07:06

To whom to send the curriculum vitae
In this chapter we analyze the different alternatives you have to plan who to send your curriculum vitae to and who could help you contact the most effective people to achieve your work objective.

Companies of your interest in the job search 05:42
People who manage job searches 01:55
Friends or acquaintances who work in the company of interest 01:39
Send your resume through university professors 01:50
Interesting contacts for our job search 01:13

How to send and disseminate a curriculum vitae
In this chapter we analyze in detail the ways of sending and disseminating a curriculum vitae both through the website of companies, as profiles and ads on LinkedIn, job sites or job postings, etc.

Receive curriculum vitae through the company website 07:53
Your job profile on LinkedIn 04:57
Your resume on job sites or job postings 05:34
Your curriculum vitae on Universities job exchanges 03:44
Your resume in business camera employment bags 04:16
Your resume answering an announcement 05:05
Your resume by email 03:45

Closure and conclusions of the course Prepare your curriculum vitae
In this chapter we share the main conclusions of the course so that you can build a winning curriculum vitae. We review the main ideas of the course and give you some more ideas so that you can achieve your goals.

Conclusions on how to make a winning resume 01:59

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Course Prepare your curriculum vitae

Course Prepare your curriculum vitae

Learn how to prepare your curriculum vitae, the keys and tips to create and share your CV

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