Course Premiere Pro CC 2017 Advanced Workflow with Proxies


With this course Learn to create Workflows with proxies with this Advanced Premiere Pro CC 2017 Course. Edit high resolution video quickly and easily.

Course Premiere Pro CC 2017 advanced Workflows with proxies

Learn to edit high quality videos effortlessly in Premiere Pro CC 2017 thanks to the workflow with proxies. Discover in this course the secrets to convert and transcode low-resolution media recorded in 4K, 8K or UHD that can be used to edit quickly without needing a high-performance computer. We will also show you the best workflows between Premiere Pro and After Effects, so you can get the best of both programs, and discover all the techniques to squeeze Media Encoder and get the best formats and transcodes of our media, both in intermediate processes, as in the final export.

Presentation of the course Workflows with proxies

We begin the course with the presentation of it. In this chapter we will explain all the contents that will be developed during all the videos that make up this course. We'll also explain how to use the base files that are included in Workflows with proxies in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017.

Presentation and objectives of the course 01:54
Base files Workflows with proxies 04:04


Understanding proxies

In this chapter we will discover the fundamental concepts about proxies. We will also see, in summary, the new workflow of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and its advantages over previous versions. Finally, we will properly configure our equipment to get the best possible performance.

What are the proxies 01:50
When to use proxies 02:59
News about other versions 01:49
Outline of the new workflow 01:13
Setting up Adobe Premiere Pro CC 03:56
Compatible formats 01:47
Hardware configuration 02:19

Creation and intake of proxies

We dedicate this chapter to explain all the possible situations of connection and annexing of proxies files within our workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Starting with the important difference between import and intake, and analyzing in detail all the options that we will find.

Differences between import and intake 02:39
Creation of a project 06:03
Intake settings: copy 07:46
Intake settings: transcode 06:23
Ingestion settings: create proxy 09:15
Ingest settings: copy and create proxy 08:04
Using custom configurations 02:25
Create custom intake settings 08:53
Create custom coding setting 05:00
Advanced use of presets 12:09
Synchronization with Creative Cloud 02:51
Creation from the project panel 05:07

Proxies editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

In this chapter we explain in depth all the options of the proxies-based editing system, as well as the integration with After Effects. We will see the limitations and we will learn the best way to communicate between Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects, when we are editing with proxies.

Set up the workspace 04:57
Edition using proxies 08:03
Annexation of external proxies 04:48
Limitations of working with proxies 03:17
Adobe Premiere Pro CC integration with After Effects 04:26
Integration with Adobe Dynamic Link 06:26
Working with disconnected media 04:38
Adobe Premiere Pro CC integration with Audition 07:17
Color correction on conventional media 04:21
Color correction on RAW media 06:24
Application of effects on proxy files 03:32

Export and publication in Adobe Media Encoder

The last step in our edition flow based on proxies is export. During this chapter we will see how to send Adobe Media Encoder our sequences, and how we can configure it to obtain the highest performance and the highest possible quality.

Exportation of sequences with proxies 03:33
Configuring Adobe Media Encoder 02:23
Add multiple sequences to Media Encoder 03:05
Management of the cache 03:03
Farewell of the course by the trainer 01:23

Technical data:

Format: .MP4
Resolution: 1280x720p
Size: 435 MB + 524 MB A.B
Spanish Language
Trainers: Abel Baños
Content: 37 Videos
Duration: 2:50 hours
Software: Premiere Pro, Premiere Pro CC 2017
Base Files: Yes Includes

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    Course Premiere Pro CC 2017 Advanced Workflow with Proxies

    Course Premiere Pro CC 2017 Advanced Workflow with Proxies

    With this course Learn to create Workflows with proxies with this Advanced Premiere Pro CC 2017 Course. Edit high resolution video quickly and easily.

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