Course Practical example with Cinema 4D: Low-poly landscape


Learn how to create a low-poly landscape with Cinema 4D - Model low polygonal loading environments


Information about: Cinema 4D: Low-poly landscape
Learn how to create a low-poly landscape with Cinema 4D - Modeling low polygon load environments

In this course we will give life to a small world of low-poly aesthetics. First we will build our world, learning the main techniques of low-poly modeling, both for organic and inorganic objects. We will know small tricks that will allow us to plant our 3D trees on any type of terrain, we will make roads that will adapt perfectly to any type of surface and we will even learn how the Mograph tool serves as a modeling tool that saves time and effort. Later we will provide life with all the elements, encouraging them with simple techniques but that will take full advantage of this peculiar aesthetic. Finally we will learn to illuminate our scene, making the most of it by using Global Illumination, to finish adding the icing with After Effects as a final tool.

Introduction to landscape creation with low-poly aesthetics
Welcome to this new course where we will learn to master the low-poly aesthetic with an eminently practical course, in which you will learn the main techniques and resources that Cinema 4D puts at your disposal, while completing a beautiful scene completely animated.

Presentation and objectives of Landscape with low-poly aesthetics 01:16
Base files of landscape creation with low-poly aesthetics 01:35

Preliminaries to the construction of the low-poly world
In this chapter we will define those elements that make up our world. We will learn to create from scratch everything that our imagination allows us to visualize, discovering new techniques and workflows.

The workspace of the low-poly world 02:19
Defining the ground of the low-poly world 05:49
Creating the mountains of the scene 06:27
How to add snow in the mountains of the main scene 06:51
Crop the landscape using boolean operators 06:09
Creating a low-poly tree 06:16
Work with the road by projecting splines 08:20
Plant trees with hair creation tool 06:41
Build a dock with the mograph module tools 08:22
Variations with materials with Cinema 4D 05:45
Creating the support of our landscape 07:34
Topping our little low-poly world 06:34

Give life to the low-poly landscape
In this chapter we will add a series of objects that will populate our landscape, which not only will we learn to build them, but we will also discover different techniques to animate them, creating a scene full of life.

Base structure of a low-poly truck 06:45
Add details to the truck to make it more realistic 09:46
Work with the truck materials 11:16
Final animation of the truck 06:51
How to model a low-poly fish 08:24
Animation of the fish using the Spline Wrap modifier 04:59
Simulation of the water through the collision tool 07:53
Creation of a low-poly seagull 05:37
Flapping cycle for the seagull 08:49

Expanding the appropriate environment for the low-poly landscape
In this chapter we will learn to create an appropriate environment for our landscape, generating elements such as the sky, the clouds or the sun, among others, that will help to complete our small low-poly world.

Animation of the camera inside Cinema 4D 04:09
Animated clouds with metaballs 06:53
Defining a polygonal sky for the low-poly world 05:14
Inclusion of the sun as the main source of light 06:30

Render and final composition of the low-poly world
In this chapter we will define the final aspect of our scene while we learn how to use global lighting techniques, essential to achieve the quality finish we are looking for in our project.

Work with the basics of global lighting 06:04
Readjust the materials of the low-poly world 04:36
Final rendering of the low-poly world 03:05
Import and final composition in After Effects 06:05
Farewell Creation of landscape with low-poly aesthetics 01:23

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Base Files: SI Includes
Date of publication: 04-Jan-2017
Company: Video2Brain

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Course Practical example with Cinema 4D: Low-poly landscape

Course Practical example with Cinema 4D: Low-poly landscape

Learn how to create a low-poly landscape with Cinema 4D - Model low polygonal loading environments

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