Course Office without papers Save time and money


In this course you will learn how to have your office without papers. Strategies and technologies to eliminate the role of your office


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In this course you will learn how to have your office without papers. Strategies and technologies to eliminate the paper from your office

80% of the paper you use in your office could be eliminated, saving time and money managing your documentation, as we will see in this course, in which you will learn the most appropriate strategy to reduce the amount of paper in the professional field. File types, available format and work with them, documentation in the cloud, backup copies, PDF and printing. All fundamental concepts to achieve effective management of your documentation, learning to use the advantages of digital documentation.

The undocumented office
Paper has been a universal constant in companies and offices throughout the last decades. But this constant is not fixed and thanks to technology we can eliminate this variable from the equation.

Why undocumented 05:24
Setting the adoption level 05:21
Retrieving content or marking a point and apart 04:34

Good habits in the office
The paperless office is built on a basis that does not allow after a myriad of types of documents in different formats and with several aspects that destroys uniformity and ends up affecting workflows and above all, customers.

Defining types of documents: the text 04:16
We defined the images 05:36
What is the video 02:07
The audio, a kind of documents 01:42
What are special files 03:54
Templates for each document 05:07
File names in the documents 05:17
Capturing content or information 02:36
Processing the papers 02:40

Organizing our documents
We can organize our documents in different ways depending on the structure we are going to apply depending on our needs.

Protocols of work with documents 02:50
Versions and their names 03:41
Documents in the cloud 05:40
Comparison of documents services in the cloud 06:08
The documentary managers 09:05
Databases 03:13
Looking for our documents 04:45
Backup copies 04:06

Documents in PDF
PDF is a file format that is very widespread and accessible to everyone, but it is not a panacea. In this chapter we will learn to work with him.

The PDF, pros and cons 05:02
Working with PDF on the Mac 05:42
PDF reading application on Windows 8 01:15
Working with PDF on the iPad 04:07
What is the Adobe Reader 03:57
PDF in the browser 02:37
Digitally signing documents 04:06

Printing our documents
If you still need to print, the usual standards regarding peripherals and type of printing you're thinking about may not be appropriate.

When there is no choice but to print 02:14
Selection of printers 03:12

Our papers with us
Discover in this chapter all you can do to have the necessary documents for your work always with you, wherever you are.

Files in mobility, advantages and disadvantages 04:55
Mobile or tablet 03:39
Farewell Office without papers 01:19

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    Course Office without papers Save time and money

    Course Office without papers Save time and money

    In this course you will learn how to have your office without papers. Strategies and technologies to eliminate the role of your office

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