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Download now this Basic PhotoShop Course - RunbenGuo and learn how to use PhotoShop Easy and Fast. Free download.

Basic PhotoShop Course - RunbenGuo

Download now this Basic PhotoShop Course - RunbenGuo and learn how to use PhotoShop Easy and Fast. Free download.

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Undoubtedly, Photoshop is the king par excellence of retouching and photo montage.

If you are here, it is because you know that you could get much more out of the moments you capture, to give them a different, more welcoming, nostalgic or romantic perspective.

In short, you want to have magical images that captivate everyone.

Maybe you have been trying for some time to learn with tutorials, videos or blogs, but you have realized that knowing how to do a couple of techniques is not enough.

Because you do not want to press keys like a robot or repeat what others do, but have your own style. And let me tell you that achieving it only by browsing YouTube, although it can be done, is very difficult and involves a lot of time and effort.

Can you imagine editing with ease, even if you know absolutely nothing?

So far you have not managed to carry out your ideas, but what if there was some way to learn all the functions of Photoshop step by step?

And not only that, but doing it in a fast, comfortable, effective and short-term way. Because you do not need to spend years practicing to have professional images. Are you interested?

Well, that solution exists: my basic Photoshop course.

If you know who I am, you are convinced that I can help you and you want to know the lessons directly, you can do it from here:

If you have just met me, you are interested in continuing reading.

Learn how to handle Photoshop in its entirety, in an easy, direct and practical way.

It's over depending on tutorials with which you can only use a very small part of your possibilities.

In this course, you will start on the right foot from day one, because you will find everything you need to master Photoshop and take action.

A journey in which I will take you by the hand from "I do not know how to do absolutely anything" or "I get out of step with a bit of there and there" until "I can do everything I want".

You will learn at a good pace, because the lessons are explained in detail so you do not get lost.

Specifically, it is ordered in 6 hours and 42 episodes in which you will go through all the intricacies of the program, having fun on the way.


00 Welcome to the Photoshop CC Basic NW course

01 Open files in photoshop and start screen

02 Open files in photoshop from lightroom

03 What is a raw camera?

04 A walk through the interface

05 Multiple documents and screen modes

06 Zoom and handle enlarged images

07 Customize interface and toolbar

08 Shortcuts

09 Types of photo formats

10 Color modes and bit depth

11 Color spaces

12 Image size

13 Undo and history panel

14 Save, save as, save for web

15 Trim and trim according to content

16 Modify canvas size

17 layers

18 Working with layers

19 Layer groups

20 Combine layers

21 Managing the color

22 Brush tool

23 Layer mask

24 Selection frame and tool lasso

25 Quick selection

26 Quick selection and refine selection

27 Selection according to selection or approach

28 Remove items with corrective brushes and patches

29 The power to fill, move and scale according to content

30 Cloning buffer

31 What are fusion modes?

32 Smart Objects

33 Working with raw as smart objects

34 Free transformation

35 Adjustment layers

36 How to read the histogram

37 Correct levels

38 Curves

39 Change intensity, saturation and color

40 Go to black and white

41 Clipping mask

42 Smart filters and filters

Technical data:

Format: .MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080p
Size: 1.66 GB
Spanish Language
Trainers: RunbenGuo
Content: 42 chapters
Duration: 6 h
Fitness level: Beginner

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Totally free of viruses and malicious software, so do not wait any longer to download it now.

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    Basic PhotoShop Course - RunbenGuo

    Basic PhotoShop Course - RunbenGuo

    Download now this Basic PhotoShop Course - RunbenGuo and learn how to use PhotoShop Easy and Fast. Free download.

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