Course New Visual Studio 2017


In this course you can learn about the latest Visual Studio 2017 News and update your knowledge. Come and get to know the new Visual Studio 2017.

Course New Visual Studio 2017

Learn in this course what are the improvements introduced in the Visual Studio 2017 version. Meet the new installer that allows you to treat the program in a more modular way, discover the increase in performance both in the opening of projects and in debugging and, in general, in the operation of the program, and familiarize yourself with the new IDE options, such as the use of IntelliSense, the use of EditorConfig or the ability to edit and continue to make live modifications to XAML-based applications. Come to know the new Visual Studio 2017.

Introduction to Visual Studio 2017

In this chapter we begin with an introduction to the course and then we go to see the new options offered by the installer, and that makes this version more modular and therefore gives a better performance

Introduction to News in Visual Studio 2017 01:30
Installing packages to reduce size 03:30
Update of the installation and its features 04:00
Installation of several versions. Name of the installation 02:12
Send notes to Microsoft about installation 01:39
Language installation in Visual Studio 01:09

Improvements in the Visual Studio IDE

The IDE has several improvements in the 2017 version. To begin with, the performance and the opening time of solutions are improved; It also adapts better to standards in terms of code format and group work and finally introduces improvements in terms of programming tools.

Projects home page 03:02
More improvements on the homepage 02:40
Quick start of solutions 01:28
New option to open folder in Visual Studio 02:41
Code structure guides 02:33
EditorConfig in Visual Studio 03:31
Quick acquisition of tools and features. Download schedule 02:29
Synchronization of the installation between devices 01:09

Visual Studio debugging tools

In the development process it is essential to have good debugging tools. We will see in this chapter the improvements Visual Studio 2017 introduces in the debugging process of our applications.

Run to click icon 01:54
Filter on attach to process 01:40
New window of exceptions 03:05
Debugging from Chrome 00:48
Unit tests in the Enterprise version of Visual Studio 01:57
Update of diagnostic tools 03:18
Tool Go to 03:56
Improvements in the search of references 03:07
Docker containers for APS.NET 02:11

Code writing improvements

Intellisense is the Microsoft tool that serves as an autocomplete code system, and in Visual Studio 2017 it has been further improved. We will also have improvements in terms of code refactoring and style analysis.

Filtering the Intellisense lists 03:01
Refactoring C # and VB 04:21
Style analysis in the Visual Studio code 02:44
Changes in the code editor C # 03:31

XAML tools

In XAML we also have new features, mainly oriented to the development work at runtime and to the development aid when we are debugging both WPF and Windows Universal applications.

Edit XAML and continue 03:29
Namespaces refactoring 00:40
Generation of assets for Universal Windows apps 02:58

Visual Studio performance improvements

To finish, let's stop at some improvements introduced to increase the performance of the program and thus avoid problems due to the use of tools created by third parties. The performance of application debugging has also been improved.

Performance center: extensions and performance 01:59
Debug without the hosting process 01:19

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    Course New Visual Studio 2017

    Course New Visual Studio 2017

    In this course you can learn about the latest Visual Studio 2017 News and update your knowledge. Come and get to know the new Visual Studio 2017.

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