Course Migrating from Windows to MacOS


Learn the course and handling of how to do a migration from Windows to MacOS. Discover and start using the Apple computer operating system


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Learn the course and how to do a migration from Windows to macOS. Discover and start using Apple's computer operating system

If you use a computer with a macOS operating system for the first time, this course will help you make the jump by increasing your productivity from the first minute. You will see how to solve your most common problems, learning basic concepts that sometimes are not so obvious. Discover how to start quickly and easily in the Mac world. Take your first steps, review the configuration and manage files, applications, images, email and, basically, carry out the actions that you face every day when you sit down with your Apple brand desktop or laptop.

My first Mac
You just bought a Mac or you have it very recently. In this first chapter we are going to learn some basic things about your new computer so you can know it better and you can identify it easily.

What Mac do I have 04:55
What features does my Mac have 02:36
Basic structure of MacOS 04:20

Getting started with the Mac
You have already started your Mac and it is time to take the first steps with the interface, the windows, the icons, the Dock, the application manager of Launchpad and the change of the modifier keys from Windows to the Mac.

Basic elements of the interface of your Mac 02:38
The Finder in MacOS 09:34
Window management 06:30
Sort the contents of the windows on the Mac 06:02
The menu bar of your Mac 05:19
Work with the Dock 09:11
LaunchPad on Mac 03:09
Keyboard shortcuts on the Mac 06:35
Screenshots on the Mac 04:27
Step back on the Mac 01:54

Configure your Mac
All computers need to be configured and the Mac is no exception. We will see the most basic configurations that you will need to configure your computer correctly and that you have no problems.

The System Preferences application 04:08
User management 05:42
Pointing devices and keyboards 04:07
Network connectivity 03:30
Add a printer or scanner 02:01
Sound and audio devices 01:56
Internet Accounts 05:56
Security on your Mac 03:48
Customize your Mac 04:44

iCloud is the ecosystem associated with all your Apple devices. If you only have a Mac, you can only benefit from a few services, but its great power takes place when you add an iPhone, an iPad or other Macs.

The Apple ecosystem 02:22
Your Apple ID 03:38
What is iCloud and its configuration 08:37

Applications on your Mac
The Mac comes loaded with applications, plus many other free you can download. All these applications have common usage characteristics and in this chapter we will learn those options and integral management so you can easily install and remove applications.

Where are the applications on the Mac 01:15
Common elements of the applications on your Mac 06:27
Download applications for your Mac 03:52
Delete applications on your Mac 01:47
Extensions and sharing information 03:54

Updates from your Mac
The way in which the Mac has to update applications and the system itself is very different from the one Windows has. We are going to learn how Apple's update mechanism works and how much more freedom you have when choosing when you want to update.

MacOS Updates 02:04
Application updates 01:10

Manage your photos and your music on Mac
Photos and music are an important part of your digital life and the Mac comes very well prepared with default applications to manage both categories and synchronize them with your mobile devices if necessary.

Preview on Mac 05:37
Photos and music 02:58
CDs, DVDs on the Mac 01:10

Email, navigation and productivity
Other tasks that you will do with your Mac will be browsing or working with email. Again, the Mac offers very powerful header applications that will help you in these tasks. And if you do not get used to your browser or mail client, you can always choose other options.

Mail for Mac 01:48
Safari, the browser 02:12
Notes, Reminders, Calendars and Contacts on the Mac 03:12

Documents on the Mac
Once you have your Mac configured, it is time to work with documents, and again, your computer comes prepared with default applications to perform the most common tasks, so you will not need special applications.

Basic operations with documents 03:44
TextEdit on Mac 02:31
Productivity suites, Office and iWork 03:57

Other tasks to do with your Mac
In this chapter we will see some tasks that you can perform with your Mac that are not so obvious but that are usually, in some cases, essential for your day to day with your new computer.

Share files with other Mac and Windows 04:41
Format discs, USB drives and cards 05:39
Install Windows 01:51
The recovery partition 04:14

Special features of your Mac
Macs have features of their operating system that make it different from Windows in some aspects. In this chapter we will see those characteristics one by one, ranging from backups to searches to compressed files.

Time Machine 03:55
Siri on the Mac 03:41
Mac and Spotlight 02:51
Compress files 01:09

Things that do not come installed on your Mac
On your Mac there is a series of things that are not pre-installed by default and that you will have to install manually, downloading them from reliable websites for security and establishing a good update policy.

Flash and Java 01:59

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    Course Migrating from Windows to MacOS

    Course Migrating from Windows to MacOS

    Learn the course and handling of how to do a migration from Windows to MacOS. Discover and start using the Apple computer operating system

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