Course Learn 360º panoramic photography


In this multimedia course you will learn 360 panoramic photography. Learn to create panoramic photographs and discover their uses

Course Learn 360º panoramic photography

In this course, of creating panoramic images and virtual tours, we will take a step through all the current possibilities of the 360 ​​market in order to see the potential of the tool. Not only we will limit ourselves to see how the Stitching is done (fusion of the images) but we will be able to analyze what is being done in the market and how. After having seen what is happening, we will go through the sewing of 3 different types of shots to be able to appreciate the nuances that differentiate them. At the end we will make a virtual tour on some images already finished.

Introduction to 360

In this chapter we will see some basic notions of 360 so that we can evaluate the future possibilities of this new aspect of photography. We will link the most commercial part of the medium to the informative one.

Base files of the 360 ​​photography course 01:31
What is 360 photography 03:16
What are interactive tours 03:07
Reproduction channels of 360 03:44
The 360 ​​Market 03:17
360 video market 02:53

Types of 360 cameras on the market

The cameras today are many. Having to merge several cameras we find an infinity of inventions. We will see the most serious proposals in that sense and we will analyze their operation.

The kneecap 360 02:30
Fisheye lenses and Single Body cameras 01:21
Different Rig 360 02:46

Import 360 images

The basic requirement for every photographic style is good management of it. In this case it is very important, since we have a very large file ingestion and a bad order of them could give us many problems.

The import of 360 images 04:35
Import 360 Rig images 03:25
Select images 360 04:44

Revealed in ACR

All fusion of images always have to support it with a good development, thus avoiding problems of loss of information in high lights. We will see how to manage camera RAW files or files in TIFF format.

Reveal the image in ACR 03:47
Resized in ACR 04:04
Reveal TIFF files in ACR 04:42

360 sewing softwares

There are many 360 panoramic file management software in the market. We will see some of the most popular in order to compare the result as well as its interface. We will also talk about CaraVR, the most professional software on the market.

Different 360 softwares from the market 04:03
Comparison of the result in 360 02:15

PTGUi: Practical example with outside panoramic

This is the first example of the series. In this case we are going to work on a panoramic taken outdoors in Plaza Cataluña in Barcelona. This shot is made with a high-end compact camera with a 28-millimeter lens and a 360-ball head.

Selection of 360 images 02:52
Revealed in ACR for PTGUi 05:26
Import to PTGUi 04:54
Refined from the stitching 06:46
Control points with PTGUi 02:59
Manual displacement of the cameras 03:47
General cleaning of the 360 ​​in Photoshop 05:45
The polar coordinates 06:10
Export the image 360 ​​07:05

Example with PTGUi Rig 6 cameras

Another of the most common stitches are those of a 6-camera Rig. These are much more complex and have much less quality than those of Patella 360, at the moment they are taken with GoPro cameras, which would not be a quality standard.

Importing images with 6 PTGUi cameras 03:46
Straightening the image on Rig 6 cameras 02:58
Stitching adjustment 05:13
Export from PTGUi to Photoshop 02:10
Retouching Rig 6 cameras in Photoshop 04:40
Remove the tripod and export 07:02

Creation of a 360 virtual tour

Virtual tours are one of the new fields of photography. In this chapter we are going to carry out a simple tour helped by a web that manages it in a very simple way. Every day new webs come out on this field.

Selection of tour images and resized 01:43
Import the images for the virtual tour 02:25
Set up the virtual tour 06:14
Farewell of 360 panoramic course 01:01

Technical data:

Format: .MP4
Resolution: 1280x720p
Size: 714 MB + 66 A.B
Spanish Language
Formators: Joan Roig Artigues
Content: 36 Videos
Duration: 2:18 hours
Base Files: SI Includes
Date of publication: Feb 10, 2017
Company: Video2Brain

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    Course Learn 360º panoramic photography

    Course Learn 360º panoramic photography

    In this multimedia course you will learn 360 panoramic photography. Learn to create panoramic photographs and discover their uses

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