Course Layout and advanced typography for web


You will learn with this course to create and understand typography and layout for all your web projects. Format quality texts for web projects.

Course Maquetación y tipografía avanzado from web

The difference between a good layout designer or typographer is often a question of subtleties. The beauty of a typographically impeccable text is incomparable. But can you apply this centennial art on a website? In this course we will learn everything related to the selection of an optimal source for reading on the screen and how to squeeze it to take advantage of all the possibilities that OpenType current sources offer to paper designers on our website.

Status of typographic art on the web

Before starting work we must understand at what point we are to attack this course with maximum guarantees, so we will see what is the typography and what is its current status on the web.

Introduction to Quality Layout and Typography for web 02:18
Base files of Layout and typography for web 01:07
What is typography: differences between terms 07:19
Brief history of typography on the web 08:04

Work with webfonts: aspects to keep in mind

When working with webfonts you have to take into account several things, such as services and resources, what formats we should choose or what is the compatibility of rules and properties with current web browsers.

Safe fonts or safe sources for web 03:40
The CSS rule @ font-face 02:34
Google Fonts, Typekit and similar 09:52
File formats for web sources 04:57
Compatibility and standards between web sources 07:03

Layout and web typography

Maquetar and apply typography on the web is not easy and we should put as much love as when we do it on paper. Let's see how to select an optimal font for the screen, how to combine fonts, what sizes we should work with, and so on.

Selecting an optimal source for your screen reading 07:26
Combination of fonts 05:06
Hierarchies and typographical weights 04:22
Start working from a basic page 04:09
Reading size of texts on screen 07:38
Work with paragraphs indentation 05:48

Typographic elements for web

There are many features of offline typography that we can now apply to online typography. We will see the most innovative properties and that will make your texts on the web gain in quality.

Chapter initiates as the beginning of the texts 04:51
Create small caps with the right web sources 05:39
Tracking or spacing between letters 03:22
Stripe and middle stripe: differences and use 03:50
Different types of quotes 05:19
Typographic ligatures: typology and use 07:05
Numerals: typology and different uses 07:54
Fractions in web fonts 03:46
Subscripts and superscripts 05:00
Farewell of Layout and quality typography for web 02:08

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     Date of publication: Sep 30, 2016
     Company: Video2Brain

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    Course Layout and advanced typography for web

    Course Layout and advanced typography for web

    You will learn with this course to create and understand typography and layout for all your web projects. Format quality texts for web projects.

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