Course How to effectively communicate by email


With this course Learn how to communicate effectively and make your communication by email more efficient with your clients.

Course How to effectively communicate by email

E-mail is still the basis of business communication in many areas so it is essential to learn the rules and acceptable behavior, and make sure that the message we want to transmit is read, understood and put into practice. In this course you will learn rules of etiquette and, above all, tricks to make communication by email more effective. You will see how to create appropriate topics, how to work with attachments, how to greet and say goodbye, how to use email as a reminder and many other techniques. With this course you will sharpen your katana to become an authentic ninja of the electronic mail.

Email contacts

Our first stop is the contacts and their importance to be able to efficiently manage the mail. In the end, email is just a way of communicating with people, and if you do not have them correctly identified, this will not help you.

    The value of contacts 05:10
    Groups of contacts 02:29
    The recipients of email 02:51

Start with an email

We are going to write an email, something that seems easy but that can have many peculiarities, especially if we do not master some aspects of the idiosyncrasy of the medium used.

    -The matter and its importance 05:19
    -The greeting of the mail 03:17
    -The content structure 04:41
    -Links in the mail 03:03
    -Attachments in the mail 03:53
    -Appointments for the calendar 01:45
    -The farewell to the mail 03:29
    -Good and bad signatures 03:41
    -Answers to an email 04:53
    -Multiple email threads for a single theme 03:25
    -Several people in a thread 02:15
    -Summarize and move on 02:51
    -Integrator of text snippets 04:56

Organize the email

Organizing all your email can be the difference between finding nothing and having everything at hand, being able to respond quickly and locating all the information you may need in a reasonable enough time.

    -Rules in your email 04:06
    -Smart mailboxes and labels 04:41
    -The best structure of rules and mailboxes 05:17
    -Mr. VIP 01:03
    -Post as reminders 02:38
    -Limitation of mail available 02:25
    -Meta tags in the mail 04:23

Inbox zero

Inbox zero is a term that tries to explain a way of life with the management of electronic mail designed to eliminate any trace of unread mail in our mailboxes, but also to perform any task associated with the emails you receive.

    -What is zero inbox 01:15
    -Be suspicious of miraculous solutions 03:27

Zero inbox policies

We will learn the best zero inbox policies to be more efficient with email. These policies will help you manage even large volumes of mail and ensure that it does not overflow your inbox.

    -Bankruptcy in email 01:48
    -Interactive notifications 01:60
    -Mr. Snooze 01:02
    -The emoji answers 01:24
    -The five flags 02:35
    -Live push in your mail 00:54

Email on mobile devices

The management of electronic mail on mobile devices is, in fact, almost an art due to the characteristics of this type of devices. In this section we will see some fundamental aspects about this topic.

    -Mail platforms against independent clients 02:25
    -Email management on mobile devices 02:32

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    Course How to effectively communicate by email

    Course How to effectively communicate by email

    With this course Learn how to communicate effectively and make your communication by email more efficient with your clients.

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