Course How to boost your sales conversations


In this course you will learn how to boost your sales conversations. Learn to ask the appropriate questions


Information on: How to boost your sales conversations
In this course you will learn to boost your sales conversations.
Learn to ask the right questions

Many times, a sales call becomes an interrogation and the prospect asks where the conversation is leading. In this course, Jeff Bloomfield, writer and sales advisor of the Fortune 500 companies, provides us with an alternative based on the principle that satisfactory sales start from focusing on what matters most to your client. Jeff helps you gain knowledge about your client's problem and, based on it, ask the right questions. With this course, you will learn to ask in-depth questions, assess the business impact of your solution and go further when necessary. Jeff also advises you to maintain the right tone throughout the conversation, and thus have a more satisfying sales interaction and a lasting relationship with the client.

Use objective information to generate questions
There is a narrow line between asking the right questions and making the client feel as if they are in questioning. There are a series of questions to which the customer will respond gladly. Others will be uncomfortable and will lead to the end of the conversation.

In your presentation, use objective data 03:46
Originates questions from the information 03:27
Rate the impact of questions 04:39

Go deeper into the client's problem
We continue to acquire knowledge about the client's problem so that you can earn the right to ask questions. You have to know the companies to which you sell. If you are part of the vertical market, you have to specialize. If you sell in a more general environment, understand the business needs of the buyer.

Understand the invasion 04:07
Identify the iceberg 04:07
The recap 02:46

The tone of the conversation
Asking the right questions is essential, but so is the tone of the conversation. In your interaction with the client you can not be brusque. You have to make him see that you are interested in him and transmit confidence.

Make the conversation be familiar 02:00

Conclusion of How to boost your sales conversations
We have seen the necessary steps to ask good questions within our sales process. What do we have to do to fulfill it? Take some time to train yourself in the sector, or at least, to get to know your buyers in order to deepen more and identify the invasion of those problems in your organization.

Next steps to boost your sales conversations 01:21

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    Course How to boost your sales conversations

    Course How to boost your sales conversations

    In this course you will learn how to boost your sales conversations. Learn to ask the appropriate questions

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