Course How to become a web developer full stack or front end


Learn the real menera of How to become a web developer. Whether it's full stack or front end - Discover what skills you need to be a successful web developer


Information about: How to become a web developer
Learn the real way of How to become a web developer. Either full stack or front end - Discover what skills you must possess to be a successful web developer

The main responsibilities of a web developer are mainly divided into two: the front end developers specialize in websites and their face to the end user, and the back end specializes in what happens in the server and in the processing of data that they are sent to the front. A full stack developer is one that seeks to master both branches and in this course you will learn everything that implies being a web developer, from the necessary tools and frameworks to everything you need to consider to get a good job. Discover what skills you must possess and improve to be a successful professional in the web industry.

Basic concepts and elementary ideas about Full-stack
The career of a web developer is something that requires sacrifice, dedication and tolerance to failure. In this chapter, learn what the profession of web development is about, what branches of expertise you have and know the tools that will be part of your day to day life.

Types of web developers 02:00
The role of HTML in web development 03:29
The role of CSS in the web world 04:56
The role of javascript within the web universe 02:36
Essential elements of the back-end 02:25
Servers: what they are and what is their importance 03:01
Scripts and server-side code 01:46
The role of databases in web development 02:45

Learning and training
For every profession and area of ​​specialization, it will always be necessary to be up to date, to be trained, to learn more and, above all, to improve your skills. Know, in this chapter, the importance of training and the different ways in which you can obtain them.

Train you for the industry 02:48
Traditional education 02:45
The importance of the Bootcamps 02:31
Other learning options 02:19
Social learning and opportunities 03:38
Elementary tools 02:53
Additional tools 03:07
Teamwork in the web development environment 02:34
Business skills and leadership 01:54

Get work and projects
While many say that getting a job in this industry is complicated, they are right, it is, what they do not tell you is all there is to do to get that dream job. In this chapter you will learn how the industry is organized in this topic and the things you must do to get your dream job as soon as possible.

Types of jobs 02:05
Improving your earnings 02:38
Get your ideal job 01:57
Next steps on full-stack 00:38

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Course How to become a web developer full stack or front end

Course How to become a web developer full stack or front end

Learn the real menera of How to become a web developer. Whether it's full stack or front end - Discover what skills you need to be a successful web developer

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