Course Go Essential Open Source Language


Learn Go essential and know the programming language created by Google

Go essential open source language

Go is an open source language with the backing of Google, it is simple to learn but robust and with powerful capabilities. In this course we will learn the essential elements so that you familiarize yourself with this new language and start right now to create your first applications in Go.

Presentation and preparation for the Learn Go course

In this chapter the features of Go, the steps to install it on your computer and the tools for you to start working immediately with this powerful yet simple programming language.

    Presentation of the language Go 06:25
    Download the exercises of the course 01:26
    Install Go on Windows and Mac 03:33
    Development tools 07:36
    The system console in Go 02:00
    Other tools and documentation 02:14

Create and compile applications in Go

In this chapter we will learn the steps and tools to compile to translate into machine language and work with impressive performance

    Basic structure of a program 01:53
    Import Go packages 03:41
    Our first application in Go 03:50
    Basic commands to work on Go 07:59

Define, process and transport values ​​with Go

In an application it is always necessary to store and process values. In Go we have different options. In this chapter we will learn the basic structures and operations to manipulate data.

    Variables in Go 05:46
    Types of Data in Go 05:28
    Constants in Go 06:05
    Arithmetic operations 03:10
    Defining custom data types 05:58

Functions in Go

A function in Go allows you to reserve a piece of code that can be executed at the moment it is invoked. In this chapter we will learn to initialize and use Go variables.

    Defining functions in Go 07:53
    Arguments and return 07:39
    How does Go work with the closures 05:39
    Use of arguments within Go 06:44

Arrangements and Slices

In this chapter we will discover the principles, differences and common processes of arrays and slices.

    Initializing arrays 06:35
    Use multidimensional arrays 07:38
    Create slices differentiating them from an array 04:34
    Processes with slices 07:59em from an array 04:34
    Processes with slices 07:59

Loops and conditionals in Go

Every application needs a logical control of the data flow, for this the conditional and loops are used in Go, to discriminate, analyze and iterate on the possible conditions of use of an application. In this chapter we will learn it.

    Conditional if / else 06:31
    Using the for-type loops 06:36
    The switch controller 08:35

Input and output data

Once you know the basics of the language, it's time to start taking the first steps. In this chapter we will learn how to read, write and serve information using Go libraries.

    Read a file on Go 07:39
    Writing Files in Go 07:00
    Creating a basic web server 07:09

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      Course Go Essential Open Source Language

      Course Go Essential Open Source Language

      Learn Go essential and know the programming language created by Google

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