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Learn the Basics of Teamwork Fundamentals - Discover the Basics of Effective Teamwork


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Learn the basis of the Fundamentals of teamwork - Discover the basics of effective teamwork

Discover the qualities of effective teams and how to contribute to yours being one. In addition to the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses, manager Chris Croft stresses the importance of meeting expectations, listening to other team members, communicating clearly, playing more than one role and being helpful.

The importance of equipment
Only 10 percent of happiness comes from the things we have, and the remaining 90 comes from our relationship with others. Teams are essential for our happiness and our performance. In this course we will see how to get the best out of this inevitable, difficult, important and potentially fun situation.

Get the job done 01:52
A good team works without your boss being present 01:37

What makes a team excellent
The team has to know where it is going. By nature, we want to be part of a pack and we want to have an objective. Having a mission unites us. We will see how to establish an adequate environment for our team.

Share a vision for success 01:49
The division of work 05:48
It establishes a suitable environment 01:54
Develop an open communication 04:10
Know your blind spot 02:30
Create a culture of confidence 03:56
Appreciate the differences 01:59
Accepts and manages the conflict 03:13
Anticipates the problems 03:15

Your responsibility to the other team members
In this chapter we will look at the duties of a good companion. We will see a series of questions and practical ideas that will help you to evaluate yourself so that you know what steps to take to improve and for your organization to be more successful.

Keep a positive attitude 02:03
Be someone you trust 04:22
Listen to achieve a good work environment 03:43
Encourages to talk to the quieter classmates 06:11
Communication in a work team 02:53
Meets more than one role in the work team 02:07
Offer your help to your team 03:01
The problematic behaviors 03:05
Choose the contributions for each phase of the project 02:30
Forgive the mistakes of your team 02:06

How to be a good companion
Are you learning and developing for the future? What are the challenges your team faces and how can you help? What are your weaknesses? In what areas of your role could you excel and what could you do to surprise your colleagues? Learn to be the best companion.

Know yourself 02:39
Use your strengths 01:29
Work with your weak points 02:52
See beyond 01:33

Conclusion of Fundamentals of teamwork
Being a good partner is an area that is neglected. It is taken for granted, but this hurts organizations or projects. Sometimes we think we can not change, but there are simple things to be a better partner. They will start as techniques, but over time they will become habits.

Closing Fundamentals of Teamwork 02:10

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    Course Fundamentals of Teamwork

    Course Fundamentals of Teamwork

    Learn the Basics of Teamwork Fundamentals - Discover the Basics of Effective Teamwork

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