Course Fundamentals of mathematics for programmers


Learn the basics of mathematics and get a solid mathematical foundation


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Learn the basics of mathematics and get a solid mathematical foundation

Review the most used mathematical fundamentals in programming and discover how mathematics is the basis of any program: work with binary, hexadecimal or octal numbers, arithmetic operations, a bit of algebra and geometry, logic and probability. Also learn some useful algorithms and take a look at basic mathematical problems to obtain with all the chapters an ideal summary and a solid mathematical basis necessary to program.

What are numerical systems
The basis of mathematical operations are the numerical systems, which consist of defining how the numerical values ​​are represented. We will know the decimal, binary, octal and hexadecimal systems and we will learn to convert from one system to another.

How to use the course files 03:23
Different forms of numbering 03:06
Organization of the digits in the decimal system 02:24
Working with binary numbers 01:45
Conversion from decimal to binary 01:42
Hexadecimal numbers and their conversion 04:57
The octal system: what it is and how to use it 02:16
Notations of the different systems 01:23

Binary arithmetic operations and bits
Computers are machines based on binary logic, so, especially when we program at a low level, it is very important to know well the binary arithmetic operations and how to work with bit logic.

What is digital computing 01:47
Sum of binary numbers 03:10
The complement: foundation 01:57
Complement in binary numeration 03:05
Complement to two and subtraction of binary numbers 06:30
Multiplication of binary numbers 04:23
Bit shifts 04:23
How to apply binary logic 06:07


Arithmetic, algebra and geometry
Mathematics extends in many areas and offers many possibilities, but not all are equally applicable to programming. In this chapter we will work on some of the functions and concepts most used in programming.

Coordinate systems and vectors 07:00
Pi and the measures of the circle 04:55
Trigonometric functions 07:36
Module (division with rest) 05:05
Matrices and calculation with matrices 10:25
Determinants of the matrices 06:27
Rules for evaluating compound expressions 06:03
Complex numbers and imaginary numbers 08:09
Logarithms and powers 04:13

Logic, stochastic processes and probability
Programming not only uses elements of arithmetic and geometry, it also uses statistics, probability and logic extensively. We will see in this chapter some important concepts of logic and probability and how to work with them.

Factorials and their mathematical applications 02:06
Combinatorial: permutation and binomial coefficient 05:19
The urn model: calculation with and without replacement 06:05
Laplace experiment: safe and impossible events 04:27
Boolean values: true or false 02:56

Solving common problems using algorithms
The programming is based on a finite series of orders that serve to solve specific problems. These series of orders can be understood as algorithms, and we are going to dedicate this chapter to explain what an algorithm is and to know several important ones.

Characteristics of an algorithm 01:41
Iterative Algorithm 03:07
Recursivity and recursive algorithms 04:08
Search algorithms and their efficiency 05:02
Sorting algorithms: Bubble sort and Quick sort 06:14


Basic mathematical problems
In math, not everything is as clear as one might think, and even more so when we are talking about mathematics applied to programming, where mathematical gaps are added to possible technical problems. We'll talk about it in this chapter.

Mathematical tools 04:43
Units in mathematical operations programming 10:38
The division by zero, the infinite and the singularities 07:14
Mathematical operations and inappropriate data types 07:08
Rounding problems in floating point 03:16

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    Course Fundamentals of mathematics for programmers

    Course Fundamentals of mathematics for programmers

    Learn the basics of mathematics and get a solid mathematical foundation

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