Course Fundamentals of international marketing


Learn the fundamentals of international marketing with this course. Discover what to consider to take the international leap with your products and services

Fundamentals of international marketing course

International marketing offers marketers particular challenges that are not always easy to understand. Georg Bouché shows you in this course the differences between local and international marketing and what are the essential elements that you must take into account to successfully distribute products and services in an international market. You will learn about the importance of market research, segmentation and the international centerpiece of marketing: the different strategies of entry into a new market. Discover what the marketing mix is ​​and how to adapt it to an international clientele.

Introduction to marketing and international trade

In order to clarify the concepts we are going to address in the international marketing range, we will define the terms marketing and international trade.

    Marketing concept 04:49
    International Marketing 06:10
    International trade 04:05
    Procedures of multinational companies 02:31

Study and understanding of the markets of other countries

We will learn in this chapter methods of market research and analysis of international markets.

    International Market Study 06:03
    Methods of Market Research 03:32
    Examples of market studies 04:02
    Marketplace Monitoring 03:12

Segmentation and positioning

In this chapter we are going to see what segmentation and positioning in the marketing of our company means. We will know each of these concepts and their importance in international marketing.

    Segmentation in international marketing 03:23
    Positioning in international marketing 03:03

Market Entry Strategies

The key question is how to access international markets and whether the same or at least one similar strategy can be applied for each country.

    The international strategy 02:45
    Exporting products 02:22
    Licensing and franchising 03:53
    Local Production 01:46
    Business Ownership 05:33
    E-commerce and other examples 03:30

The international marketing mix

I'm going to show you the difference between the marketing mix as we know it and the international marketing mix. Not only the tastes, but the expectations, the demands and the wishes can vary among the international clients. Also the purchasing power of a country is key in this case. The same question is always asked: To what extent can standardized products be sold and to what extent must these products be adapted to satisfy customers' requests?

    We discovered the international marketing mix 03:31
    Standardization versus location 05:56
    International price structure 06:07
    International sales channels 05:42
    Cultural differences between countries 04:03

Communication in international marketing

Advertising and social networks form a large part of international marketing, as well as public relations. The brand Schneebrett Snowboards Made in Germany and the company Goldcar Rental show us your communication strategies.

    Communication policy abroad 07:09
    Social networks and public relations 03:41

International trademark management and summary

Brands and logos need to be protected at a global level, or we may encounter big problems. We must also secure sales, if the customer is not able to pay. We will end with a checklist and questions to review what we have just learned.

    International trademark management 02:21
    Checklist and summary 05:40

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    Course Fundamentals of international marketing

    Course Fundamentals of international marketing

    Learn the fundamentals of international marketing with this course. Discover what to consider to take the international leap with your products and services

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