Course Excel 2016: Charts and data presentation


With this course you will learn how to perform from a simple graph of columns to a waterfall graphic or even an interactive one and to present your data in a visual way.

Excel 2016 Course: Graphs and data presentation

If you are a user who likes to give your Excel sheets an elegant and professional appearance, with this course you will learn how to perform from a simple graph of columns to a waterfall graph or even an interactive one. In addition, in this Excel 2016 course we also include a whole book of style in terms of good practices in the visualization of information so that your spreadsheets are even more impressive.

Introduction to graphics in Excel 2016

This chapter introduces you to the facilities and quick processes for the creation of graphics for all the people without experience in this Excel process. It will also include a series of new features of the 2016 version.

    Excel Graphics 2016 and when to use them 04:26
    Excel graphics easily and quickly 03:55
    Modify data series to an Excel graph 01:16
    News in the graphics of Excel 2016 08:31

Customizing the graphics in Excel 2016

To not have the same graphic as other people, when creating graphics quickly you have to personalize them, highlighting what is important for you, your needs and, above all, mark the differences in your work.

    Excel 2016 factory layouts for graphics 02:02
    A need, a graphic 06:49
    Add titles to graphics in Excel 2016 04:02
    Personalized legend of a graphic 03:03
    Graphics with data tags 03:40
    Include data tables in your graphics 02:53
    System of axes of a graphic 06:28
    Format tab tools in Excel 2016 07:32

Create stylish graphics in Excel 2016

In this chapter we define a book of styles to help the user to express in a professional, elegant and clean all their ideas, without neglecting the precision in the transmission of the idea as the ability to surprise.

    How to choose the style of your graphic 01:51
    Use tags, captions and titles in Excel graphics 01:27
    Adjusting the graph axes properly 02:38
    Several series of Excel in a chart. 01:31
    Attention to circular representations in Excel 03:11
    Practicing minimalism in Excel 2016 02:09
    Three-dimensional and textured graphics in Excel 2016 03:41

Advanced graphics in Excel 2016

In this chapter we will delve into the advanced options that Excel 2016 offers its users in the field of graphic representations. New personalization and improvement options to interpret our work schematically.

    Defines the data source of an Excel 2016 chart 04:31
    Win time with Excel graphics templates 02:57
    Adding trend lines to graphs 04:39
    Veracity of the trend lines 02:08
    Boosting graphs with lines of union, maximum and minimum 01:46
    Represented error margins in Excel 2016 02:38


Special graphics with Excel 2016

In this chapter we will show the types of graphics with the greatest visual impact to surprise your target audience, always without leaving aside the interpretation of the data in a simple and effective way. Some examples are not native, but with a couple of tricks that we will show you can achieve.

    How to use Sparklines in Excel 2016 03:52
    Thermometer representation in Excel 2016 03:20
    Graphic representation of bubble 06:38
    Representing quotes in Excel 2016 03:48
    Interactivity in an Excel 2016 graphic 06:24
    Project management with Gantt charts 09:53
    Speedometer graphics step by step 09:29
    Dynamic representations of Excel 2016 tables 02:05
    DESREF function applied in dynamic graphics 06:38

Manually customize Excel 2016 data

This chapter is dedicated to knowing good practices when making effective presentations and intuitive reading by our customers. With a series of tricks we will show a good image, something that is always important in the business world.

    Default styles and formats for cells and numbers 03:36
    Giving number formats in Excel 2016 03:25
    Alignment of the contents of a cell in Excel 2016 04:50
    Text formats in Excel 2016 02:09
    Defining the edges of the cells 04:35
    Types of padding for cells in Excel 2016 02:11

Conditional formatting in Excel 2016

When you apply conditional formats and allow Excel 2016 to work for you, the end result is spectacular and really creates a visual impact on our data presentation.

    Highlight cells according to rules 03:12
    Bars and scales of color in Excel 2016 02:04
    Implementing traffic lights, icons and other graphic elements 03:06

Style book for the presentation of data in Excel 2016

At this point of the course we will focus on finding a balance between pragmatism and style options that we can add to our data presentation, always depending on the field in which we develop when using Excel 2016.

    Alignment of objects and contents of cells 03:26
    Areas of influence in the reader 00:52
    One purpose, one fill color 01:27
    The correct use of color and font type in Excel 2016 02:10
    With borders or without them 01:26

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    Course Excel 2016: Charts and data presentation

    Course Excel 2016: Charts and data presentation

    With this course you will learn how to perform from a simple graph of columns to a waterfall graphic or even an interactive one and to present your data in a visual way.

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