Course development of games with JavaScript


Learn how to program games for the Web. Movement Control, level creation, popup messages and much more!


The world of games is huge and fascinating, there are many technologies and possibilities to create them and one of the most powerful is JavaScript, so that your games can be on the web, accessible to everyone from devices as widespread as tablets, smartphones or Classic PCs. Therefore in this course you will learn to program with JavaScript different routines and functions focused on the development of a game, although such knowledge can also orient them to other objectives.

In this complete online videocourse you will learn different facets that are the basis of any two-dimensional game. Among other things you will learn to:

Manage the game environment
    Stopwatch Management
    Random situations
    Movement Control
    Movement restriction
    Bonus boxes
    Creating levels
    POPUP messages
    Message Timer
    Dynamic and personalized Twitter buttons

You will learn programming concepts such as global use variables, function calls, invocation to different scripts, nested loops, matrices and arrays, DOM manipulation from JavaScript or CSS design change from JavaScript among others, going from scratch, but It's not a basic course. In addition there are several factors in a game that, not being so related to programming, do help to spread to be more successful, such as the dissemination of social networks personalized with the results of the games.

The game you will learn to develop is real, it is published on the web and every day is visited by many users, it is also open source so you could make changes in the design or patterns of the game if you access it on GitHub. The link to both the game's website and the GitHub project will be within the course.

All the steps are explained from scratch, and you will be able to check the sequence to be followed in the structuring of a complex game.

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    Course development of games with JavaScript

    Course development of games with JavaScript

    Learn how to program games for the Web. Movement Control, level creation, popup messages and much more!

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