Course Computational Thinking


Learn the basics of Computational Thinking. Understand, design and solve problems in a different way.

Course Computational Thinking

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Learn the basic concepts of Computational Thinking.
Understand, design and solve problems in a different way.

This course will allow you to work your mind in solving problems, designing systems, describing real problems, using logic and mathematics, all this is combined in computational thinking. Developing the ability to solve problems is increasingly complex and computational thinking is a process that helps us to do this effectively.

Introduction to the computer thinking course
In this chapter an introduction to computational thinking is given and we will indicate for whom it would be important to learn it.

Introduction to computational thinking 03:26
What is computer thinking 05:11
Who should learn computer thinking 05:18
Learning today 05:26
Critical thinking 05:55

Types of thinking we know
In this chapter we will review the different currents of thought that we can find today and mention their characteristics.

Analytical thinking 04:43
Approximate reasoning 03:52
Conceptual thinking 02:43
Convergent and divergent thinking 02:31
Hard and soft thinking 02:35
Janic thinking 02:17
Vertical and lateral thinking 03:04
Metaphorical thinking 02:51
Systemic thinking 02:28
Synvergent thinking 01:53

We know computational thinking
We go into computational thinking, we will study its characteristics separately to be able to see in a complete process.

Process of computational thinking 04:02
Attitudes of computational thinking 02:53
Concepts in computational thinking 03:33
Additional concepts in computational thinking 03:39
Analyze problems 03:51
Simulation process 02:40
Concept of parallelism 02:43
Automation process 02:32
Teamwork in computer thinking 03:04


We thoroughly explore computational thinking
We will carry out an in-depth evaluation of the components of computational thinking.

Abstraction in computational thinking 03:37
Decompose the elements 02:52
Patterns in computational thinking 02:41
Evaluation process 02:33

Application of computational thinking
We will study some points within computational thinking that are key to finally achieving understanding and applying the concept.

Know the problem 02:53
Input and output data in thought 03:08
Solve the problem 03:20
Conclusions of Computational Thinking 08:07

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    Course Computational Thinking

    Course Computational Thinking

    Learn the basics of Computational Thinking. Understand, design and solve problems in a different way.

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