Course C essential Learn to program


In this essential C # course you will see how easy it is to learn to program in C #


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In this C # essential course you will see how easy it is to learn to program in C #

Learn to program in C #. In this course you will discover the ease of the language of C #, you will know the bases of the programming and the object-oriented paradigm, you will program your first project and you will practice the basic contents through entertaining examples. Start in the world of programming in C # step by step with this introductory course, knowing operators, classes and objects associated with this programming language.

Welcome to the course, C # bases and requirements
In this chapter we will briefly explain what the course is about. Later we will go to review the bases and characteristics of the C # language and everything we need to start making applications.

Characteristics of C # 02:50
Requirements and documentation to start 02:26
Download Visual Studio 03:00
Installation of Visual Studio 02:09
Exploring the environment 04:13

Data types, variables and constants
During this chapter we will learn basic programming topics, but in this case focusing on the C # language. We will see the main data types, what are the variables and constants and how they are used.

What is a variable 02:57
Data types in C # 00:51
Integrated data types 05:49
Constants and identifiers 04:16
Nullables types 02:03
Data type enum 03:29

Classification of the main operators in C #
Throughout this chapter we will know what an operator is and we will see its classification. In addition, we will know in detail each one of the types of operators and their components and we will implement the main examples in practical examples.

Mathematical operators 05:58
Assignment operators 03:23
Relational operators 03:28
Logical operators 06:17

Iterative and conditional statements. Error handling
Throughout this chapter we will know some of the most common sentences in any programming language and that will be very useful for the development of C # applications. We will also see the main ways of handling errors that we can implement in Visual C #.

Conditions and sentence if, else 04:21
Conditioned nested 06:04
Switch statement 05:35
The cycle for 03:14
Cycle while 01:54
The do-while cycle 04:15
Error handling statement: Try-catch 04:14
Discard exception: throw 02:22

Classes and objects in C #
C # is an object oriented language therefore, to get to an intermediate level as a C # developer, it is important that you know the bases of this programming paradigm. In this video we will know these bases.

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming 04:58
What is a class in OOP 00:54
Objects and instances in the OOP 01:15
What are and what are the access modifiers 01:29
Defining classes in POO 04:53

Attributes and methods in the OOP
Classes in Object Oriented Programming will be composed mainly of attributes and methods that will bring it to life. During this chapter we will know the concept and usefulness of these components.

What are the attributes and methods 04:37
Define attributes and methods 04:59
Create a Constructor 04:55
Accessing the attributes of an object 05:25
Access descriptors 03:48
Summon methods 02:48

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    Course C essential Learn to program

    Course C essential Learn to program

    In this essential C # course you will see how easy it is to learn to program in C #

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