Course Advanced Android Development Bookstores


In this advanced Android development course, you'll learn how to simplify the process of creating Android apps using third-party libraries.

Course Advanced Android Development Bookstores

If you develop mobile apps for Android and you perceive complex processes of loading images, downloading files or requests for web services, this course will show you how libraries can help you. Discover which libraries are the most used in Android, check how they can help you and learn to use the main functions of each of them. Learn through examples the logic behind Gradle, Butter Knife, Picasso and OkHttp, and reduce the development time of an application while improving its functionality.

Introduction to the Android Development course. Bookstores

In this module we are going to introduce the Android Development course. Bookstores We will explain what a library is and we will present the main concepts that involve the use of libraries in an operating system such as Android.

Presentation of the course Libraries on Android 06:54
What is a bookstore on Android 08:03
Libraries on Android 05:59
How to find useful libraries for Android 06:55
Recommendations when thinking about bookstores on Android 05:01

Gradle, development tool on Android

In this module we will talk about a very useful tool when creating and managing projects known as Gradle. It is intended that the student knows the most important tool at the time of using libraries in this operating system.

What is Gradle 02:49
Installing Gradle in our team 05:26
How Gradle works in Android Studio 03:02
What the projects and tasks in Gradle consist of 06:37
The Gradle, Maven and Ant platforms 03:28
Gradle configuration 03:11

Butter Knife (butter knife)

In this module we will see how the Butter Knife library works and what are the main objectives that we can cover if we use it in a project, we will perform the installation and use it from scratch to see a practical example during the module.

What is Butter Knife for? 04:47
Add the Butter Knife bookstore to our project 03:27
Creating a project with Android Studio 03:24
Creating a graphical interface with Android Studio 04:39
Implement Butter Knife in our project 07:33

Picasso image library

In this module we will study, know and use the Picasso library. This library has the specific idea of ​​using images within an Android application, its most important use being to download images.

Images on Android 06:57
Add the Picasso library to our project 03:34
Upload images of resources from the Assets directory 07:37
Upload images from the image directory 03:10
Upload images from the internet 08:50
Error handling during the implementation of Picasso 04:30
Change image sizes from ImageView 05:11

GSON library for managing JSON

In this module we will see the GSON library, a library implemented for the use and management of JSON technology. This technology is an information exchange format widely used today.

Apply JSON technology in our project 02:46
What the GSON library solves 03:08
Add the GSON library to a project 03:05
Create the structure of the project created with JSON 03:42
Implementing GSON within the project with JSON 06:20

The OkHttp library

In this module we will talk about the OkHttp library and explain the purpose that you have when handling requests with this flexible and fast library. At the same time we will make requests to the example Wikipedia website for this module.

What the bookstore solves OkHttp 03:11
Create an example project with the library OkHttp 03:19
Implement OkHttp and configure it for internet 08:01
Send a petition that ensures a correct implementation 05:51
Request to send data with parameters 06:14

Recommendations and farewell of Android Development. Bookstores

In this last chapter we will make the most important recommendations in the management of bookstores that are in the course, we will dismiss the course with a few small tips and sharing the github of the teacher so that they can also consult other bookstores in the future.

Tips when working with Android libraries 02:59
Farewell of Android Development. Bookstores 01:05

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    Course Advanced Android Development Bookstores

    Course Advanced Android Development Bookstores

    In this advanced Android development course, you'll learn how to simplify the process of creating Android apps using third-party libraries.

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