Cordova Essential Course: development of mobile applications


With this essential course of Cordova learn to develop mobile applications with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

Cordova Essential Course: development of mobile applications

Create hybrid mobile applications with the most used complication platform currently on the market, Apache Cordova. It is programmed in the HTML5 language, with minimal knowledge of javascript and CSS, you can build complex applications that even interact with the hardware of your phone or that of all your mobile devices for iOS, Android and Windows, among others.

Introduction to the Essential Cordova course

Welcome to Cordova Essential 01:44
    Hybrid development of apps 03:18
    Apache Cordova 04:21
    Other hybrid apps development platforms 04:15
    What we need to follow the course 03:09
    Supported platforms and their features 05:34

First steps in the use of essential Cordova

NodeJs and the package manager. Git 03:23
    Cordova installation. Cordova CLI 02:37
    Update Cordova 02:27
    Creation of our first project with Cordova 02:10
    Structure of the project. Where do I add my code?   07:08
    Templates for Cordova 05:09
    The Cordova plugins 03:06

Practical example: Creating an application based on another

Project creation and job description 03:19
    Importing related files 06:09
    Add code HTML5 05:53
    The assets of the app. modifying CSS Styles 05:58
    Test the app on the browser 07:08
    Add JavaScript code 07:18
    Add platforms from the CLI 04:59
    Delete and update platforms 01:01
    Work with the icons of the app 05:34
    Modify App 01:15 settings
    Adapt the app to the 02:45 mobile device

Working from Cordova with Android

Installation needed for Android 09:14
    Add Platforms: Android 02:19
    Creating Android Emulators 02:33
    Emulate Cordova on Android 03:31
    App tests on phone 02:40
    Debugging on Android 02:45
    Test the app on other phones 03:12
    Common problems with Android 02:58

Working with IOS

Installation needed for IOS 05:23
    Emulate Application 01:55
    Setting Up test devices 02:46
    Set up certificates and test the app on an iPad 03:33
    Compiling the application for testing on 04:31 devices
    Test the app on an unconnected phone 00:55
    Debug the code on IOS 02:16

Working with Windows from Cordova

Installation required for Windows 02:26
    02:33 Configuration Modifications
    Windows emulation from the Cordova CLI 03:59

Cordova Plugins

Installing Plugins 05:26
    Use of plugins: Using Device 03:48
    Plugin Usage Example: Motion 07:49
    Unofficial Plugin Usage Example: Shake 05:28

App Deployment

Generate the app for Android 08:34
    Generate the app for IOS 02:44
    Generate the app for Windows 02:33

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    Size: 544 MB
    Language: Spanish
    Content: 49 Videos
    Duration: 3:15 hours
    Base files: does not contain
    Release date: 23-Nov-2017

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    Cordova Essential Course: development of mobile applications

    Cordova Essential Course: development of mobile applications

    With this essential course of Cordova learn to develop mobile applications with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript

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