Children's Programming Course: basics


Programming for children, learn the basics of programming. Programming is fun! First approach to the world of programming


Today everyone who believes that scheduling is difficult and boring is wrong, and in this course we will prove it. We will show parents and educators who want to bring their children and students to the world of programming some of the most fun applications created to teach children to program. We will review the most interesting apps in the market so that from the youngest to the older can have fun programming. We will see how to create cartoons, games and even program robots with programming based on visual blocks, pseudocode and even code used in the real world, and all with applications and programming fun and accessible to all ages.

Basics of programming for children
In this chapter we will take a brief tour of the different applications and programs of the course, and also show concepts related to the learning of children related to programming.

    Programming is fun!   02:51
    Written programming and graphic programming 06:03
    The different learning styles 05:25
    The stages of cognitive development in programming 08:08

Graphic programming in tablets
The best way to bring the youngest to the programming is by using tablets. We have several very interesting applications that, by using block-based programming, make programming very easy and attractive.

    Applications for the little ones to program 05:46
    Lightbot hour and routine sequences 03:04
    The Foos: Programming and playing 02:11
    Daisy the Dinosaur: initiating block programming 02:27
    Scratch Junior to tell stories 04:26
    Hopscotch and the use of 05:59 algorithms

Advanced graphics programming in tablets and computers
For our computer we have applications and Web apps that allow a little older guys to program using blocks, with the addition that you can create games and applications to play on mobile devices.

    Scratch: A great application to program 08:29
    Programming applications for Android with Mit App Inventor 12:07
    Tynker: 11:37 Game Programming Kit

Discovering written code programming
We go to code-based programming languages: we will see in this chapter several languages designed to start programming, and also learning tools for real-use languages such as JavaScript, Java or Python designed for children.

    The first real programming language: Logo 10:04
    RoboMind Academy: Programming is fun 06:41
    Crunchzilla and JavaScript 07:17
    Greenfoot and Java 08:13
    CodeCombat: Learn languages and play at the same time 08:10

Programming applied to real objects
In this chapter we will see that you can also apply the programming to real electronic elements, like robots or microcontrollers. Let's see some robots and devices that allow you to create real electronic projects.

    Applying programming to real life 01:37
    Exploring Lego Mindstorms 05:17
    Programming Lego Mindstorms 07:17
    Arduino and Raspberry Pi 05:52

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    Children's Programming Course: basics

    Children's Programming Course: basics

    Programming for children, learn the basics of programming. Programming is fun! First approach to the world of programming

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