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Learn C ++ Movement Semantics - Create more effective and reliable classes in C ++


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Learn C ++ Movement Semantics - Create more efficient and reliable classes in C ++

Deepen more in C ++ with the semantics of movement, a fundamental component of the management of resources in C ++. Motion semantics allow you to optimize data transfer and reassign memory without additional copy operations. In this course, Bill Weinman helps you understand the concept of rvalues ​​(temporal values ​​that are key in the semantics of movement); to create builders and movement operations; and to use the copy and exchange technique to "exchange" new data while destroying the old ones.

Concepts in the semantics of movement
Before starting to work with the semantics of movement, it is important to be clear about the concepts that are the basis for this optimization of the language that was added in C ++ 11. An improvement that will be reflected, fundamentally, in the performance and memory management offered by our code.

What is semantics of movement 02:31
What are lvalues ​​and rvalues ​​01:53

How to use movement semantics
Once the fundamental components of the semantics of movement have been seen, it is time to start using it. We will learn what are the necessary elements that we have to incorporate into our code to be able to get the most out of it.

Using std :: move 05:15
How to create a movement builder 05:60
How to create a motion assignment operator 03:33
Using the copy and exchange technique 04:46
Other considerations in motion semantics 04:07
Summary and farewell movement Semantics 00:43

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    C ++ course Semantics of movement

    C ++ course Semantics of movement

    Learn C ++ Movement Semantics - Create more effective and reliable classes in C ++

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