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Take advantage of the Bing Ads ad platform to create your campaigns


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Take advantage of the Bing Ads ad platform to create your campaigns

Bing Ads is a very useful platform to expand the reach of our search engine campaigns, as it allows us to take advantage of Bing's advertising network and reach users that we otherwise would not have been able to reach. In this course you will see the basics of Bing Ads, how to correctly create campaigns on the platform following best practices, write effective announcements, implement conversion tracking, analyze our results. If you use Google AdWords, you will learn how to import your campaigns to save time and start using Bing Ads easily.

Start working with Bing Ads
In this chapter we will see the necessary fundamentals of the Bing Ads platform before starting our first campaign, as well as comparing the characteristics and market share of the Bing search engine with Google.

Comparison between Bing and Google 02:08
Understand the relationship between Bing and Yahoo! 01:43
Create our Bing Ads account 03:29
Set up our Bing Ads account correctly 01:31
Navigate the interface of your Bing Ads account 03:08
Download and installation of Bing Ads Editor 03:09

Quality level in Bing Ads
The level of quality is one of the factors that determine the ranking of our ads. In this chapter we will see how the quality level in Bing Ads works and what the differences are with AdWords.

Understand the level of quality in Bing Ads 03:35
Compare the quality level in Bing Ads and Google AdWords 02:28
Analyze our quality level 02:45
Identify and solve quality level problems 02:19

Networks available in Bing Ads
The advertising platform of Bing Ads allows us to display advertisements in both the search network and the Bing content network. In this chapter we will see what are the characteristics of each of them.

Understanding the search network in Bing Ads 01:47
Understand the content network in Bing Ads 01:34

Structure of a Bing Ads account
Having a correct structure of campaigns and ad groups is key to obtain good performance from our ads. In this chapter we will see how to create a correct campaign structure.

Know the Bing Ads account structure 03:20
Structure campaigns and ad groups with Bing Ads 03:03
Types of keyword matching in Bing Ads 03:06

Creating our first campaign in Bing Ads
In this chapter we will see how to create our first campaign in Bing Ads, both from the web interface and from Bing Ads Editor. We'll also see what the available ad extensions are and how to create them.

Create a campaign from the Bing Ads web interface 04:08
Create a campaign with Bing Ads Editor 02:59
Set up our Bing Ads campaign 04:50
Use ad extensions with Bing Ads 06:37

Create our first ad group with Bing Ads
The next step after creating our campaign is to create the corresponding ad groups. In this chapter we will see how to organize and create the ad groups of our Bing Ads campaigns.

Use the Bing Ads keyword planner 02:49
How to organize ad groups in Bing Ads 02:20
First ad group in Bing Ads web interface 03:47
Create ad groups from Bing Ads Editor 03:09
How to write effective ads in Bing Ads 02:14
Add negative keywords in Bing Ads 03:08

Import campaigns from Google AdWords
Bing Ads offers its advertisers the option to import campaigns directly from Google AdWords. In this chapter we will see how to import our AdWords campaigns and solve possible problems that might occur.

Use Bing Ads to import campaigns from Google AdWords 02:45
Possible problems when importing campaigns from AdWords 02:05

Set up conversion tracking in Bing Ads
Conversion tracking is a tool that helps us better understand the return on investment of our Bing Ads campaigns. In this chapter we will see how to create the conversion tracking tag and configure it.

Create the conversion tracking tag in Bing Ads 01:39
Set up a conversion goal with Bing Ads 03:38

Measure the results of our campaign with Bing Ads
Bing Ads offers its advertisers a complete set of reports and metrics that we can analyze to interpret the results of our campaigns. Learn how to measure the results of your campaigns with this chapter.

Tagging URLs for Google Analytics 01:47
Main metrics within Bing Ads 03:26
Creating reports with Bing Ads 03:29
Understand Bing Ads data in Google Analytics 02:41
Take advantage of the Opportunities tab in Bing Ads 02:41

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    Bing Essential Ads Course

    Bing Essential Ads Course

    Take advantage of the Bing Ads ad platform to create your campaigns

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