AutoCAD 2017 Essential Course From Zero


In this course you will be able to learn AutoCAD from scratch. The first step will be to interact with the interface, so that you know how to navigate in a simple way through the workspaces.


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Learn the basics of AutoCAD 2017 and learn how to use this fundamental 3D technical drawing software from Autodesk

AutoCAD is the standardized tool that currently has the most use to generate architectural plans in two dimensions and carry out the generation of executive projects. In this course you will be able to learn AutoCAD from scratch. The first step will be to relate to the interface, so you can navigate in a simple way through the workspaces. Master the fundamental tools of drawing, and know the tools to manipulate objects and keep the drawing organized, an essential point to optimize the work in AutoCAD. Throughout this course you will develop an architectural plan that allows you to apply these tools and give you a global and clear idea of ​​how to work with AutoCAD in an optimal way.

AutoCAD interface 2017
In this chapter you will learn about the AutoCAD 2017 interface, including the ribbon, the workspaces and the status bar, and you will quickly see the navigation tools and contextual menus that will allow you to find all available tools.

Meet the interface of AutoCAD 2017 04:27
About the 2017 AutoCAD Ribbon 07:12
AutoCAD 2017 workspaces 05:39
The status bar of AutoCAD 2017 04:43
AutoCAD 2017 contextual menu 03:29
AutoCAD 2017 command line 03:33

Navigation by AutoCAD
An essential part of achieving a good work flow in AutoCAD is to move through the workspace with fluency. Therefore you will learn to use navigation tools such as the frame, the zoom, the mouse and the navigation cube.

Framing Command (bread) in AutoCAD 2017 02:36
Zoom Options in AutoCAD 2017 04:43
Navigation cube (viewcube) in AutoCAD 2017 04:35
Work environments: Model (model) and presentation (layout) 04:38
How to save and restore views in AutoCAD 2017 04:58

Preparing files before starting
Before starting to work I will show you how to create a new file, we will see the properties window and you will learn to configure the workspace to draw on the units that are most convenient for you, as well as learn how to convert units.

Creation of a new file and formats in AutoCAD 2017 04:59
Designate drawing units in AutoCAD 2017 03:04
The AutoCAD 2017 options window 09:11
Personal Coordinate System in AutoCAD 2017 08:22

Organization of the drawing
One of the keys to optimize and achieve a good workflow in AutoCAD is to carry out an adequate organization of the drawing through the layers, which you will learn to use in this chapter, likewise we will see how to append external references within AutoCAD.

The object properties in AutoCAD 2017 07:09
Line Scales in AutoCAD 2017 06:11
Hide (hide) and isolate (isolate) objects in AutoCAD 2017 03:16
The layers (layers) in AutoCAD 2017 11:09
Define a new layer in AutoCAD 2017 07:16
Attach and replace an external reference in AutoCAD 2017 08:05
Auxiliaries for External References in AutoCAD 2017 05:46

Basic drawing tools in AutoCAD 2017
In this section we will see how to use the basic and fundamental tools of drawing in AutoCAD 2017: lines, polylines and splines, circles, ellipses and arcs, rectangles, polygons, points and washers (donuts).

Drawing with lines in AutoCAD 2017 04:07
Drawing with polylines 06:46
Drawing with splines 03:21
Drawing with circles 04:43
Drawing of ellipses 04:51
Drawing of bows 06:09
Drawing with rectangles and polygons 05:01

Modification of objects
In this occasion you will know all the tools of modification of objects, essential to optimize the work in AutoCAD. You will learn to move, copy, generate arrays (array), offset (offset), reflect objects (mirror), trim (trim), extend (extend), stretch (stretch), split (break) and join (join) objects; You will also see how to create boundaries (boundaries), chamfers (chamfer) and splices (fillet).

Selecting objects in AutoCAD 2017 05:09
Move and copy objects in AutoCAD 2017 05:34
Climb, rotate and stretch objects in AutoCAD 2017 06:30
How to create and edit arrays (array) 06:35
Offset (offset) and symmetry (mirror) in AutoCAD 2017 04:15
Trim (trim) and extension (extend) in AutoCAD 2017 04:08
Joints (fillet) and chamfers (chamfer) in AutoCAD 2017 04:25
Creating boundaries (boundaries) in AutoCAD 2017 04:05

Precision drawing tools
When drawing in AutoCAD it is necessary to master the precision tools to have total control over a project, particularly if it is architectural or object design. You will learn to use the grid (grids), the references to grids (snaps), references to objects (object snaps) and isometric drawings (isodraft).

Grids (grids) and references to grids (snaps) 04:12
References to objects (object snaps) in AutoCAD 2017 05:03
Create isometrics with drawings (isodraft) in AutoCAD 2017 05:32

Object filler tools
I will show you how to apply different fillings to objects through hatch patterns and gradients, to emulate various effects in a fill such as stone, concrete, brick, earth or color changes.

Patterns of shading (hatch) in AutoCAD 2017 08:33
Solid and gradient fillings (gradient) in AutoCAD 2017 04:02

Annotation tools
You will learn to use annotation tools such as linear and multi-line texts, to convert linear texts into multiline texts, as well as their styles, you will know the text guidelines and we will see how to create free revision clouds and through an existing figure.

Texts of a line and multiple lines in AutoCAD 2017 04:42
Text styles in AutoCAD 2017 04:52
Guidelines in AutoCAD 2017 08:10
Clouds review (revcloud) in AutoCAD 2017 04:46

Sizing tools
In this chapter we will see a more annotation tool: the creation and application of dimensions, as well as several divergent tools that will be very useful to optimize the workflow, such as the creation of continuous dimensions, the spacing and the cuts to the dimensions.

How to use the dimensions in AutoCAD 2017 06:15
Dimension styles in AutoCAD 2017 09:07
Edition and dimension properties in AutoCAD 2017 06:57
Auxiliary tools for dimensions in AutoCAD 2017 04:42

Organizing: use of blocks, tables and attributes
We will see how to create blocks, edit and export them within a new file, learn to generate dynamic blocks, work with the definition of attributes and the creation of blocks with attributes and learn to create and edit tables.

Create blocks of objects in AutoCAD 2017 06:16
Editing blocks in AutoCAD 2017 05:58
Dynamic blocks in AutoCAD 2017 04:55
Blocks with attributes in AutoCAD 2017 05:53
Tables in AutoCAD 2017 04:54

Presentations (layout) and output options (output)
In this chapter you will see how to create a presentation sheet (layout) and its various graphic windows (viewports), to show the parts of the drawing that we are interested in integrating; You will also learn how to set up a page, how to print (plotting) and how to export to various formats.

Setting up a page in AutoCAD 2017 04:24
Presentations and graphic windows in AutoCAD 2017 04:51
Trace from model or presentation in AutoCAD 2017 03:44
Export to different formats in AutoCAD 2017 02:18
Farewell of the course AutoCAD 2017 essential 01:42

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AutoCAD 2017 Essential Course From Zero

AutoCAD 2017 Essential Course From Zero

In this course you will be able to learn AutoCAD from scratch. The first step will be to interact with the interface, so that you know how to navigate in a simple way through the workspaces.

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