Audition - Maestro in 35h (Updated 2019)


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Learn to Record and Edit any type of music or sound. Domina Audition from 0 to 100 with this Free Easy and Quick Course

Audition - Maestro in 35h (Updated 2019)

Learn to Record and Edit any type of music or sound. Domina Audition from 0 to 100 with this Free Easy and Quick Course

Audition is one of the indispensable audio software to learn to record and edit music recordings correctly, or to correct audio for video productions (for example, eliminating noise, adding sound effects, etc.), as well as to produce professional audio productions such as radio, podcasts, etc.



Being a program of the Adobe Creative Suite, it offers direct integration with After Effetcs and Premiere among others, so that, when editing video in these programs, you can pass it directly to Audition to correct the sound (remove noise, make it clearer) and then return it to the video program without the need to export or render additionally.

With this Audition MegaCourse you will master the software completely and learn to use each and every one of its functions to become an expert user of Audition. The course starts 100% from 0, so you do not need any prior knowledge. Sign up, see the classes, go doing the exercises (all the material is included too) and done! You will be a God of Audition.


In order to follow this product you need the following things (in case of software you can get them on your own):

Adobe Audition CS4 onwards (CS5, CS6, CC ...). (The course is taught with the newest and most updated version to include new tools and other new features, but it is prepared so that it can be followed with previous versions).
Computer with at least 2GB of RAM, 1.8 Ghz processor
No prior knowledge is required (it is a course from 0 to become an expert user)

CONTENT: Megacurso Domina Audition

1 | Techniques to improve your recordings
Master the art of cleaning sound to avoid noise and interference that appear in audio files.

2 | Mix your musical group
Record each of the instruments in your band track by track, add equalizer effects and end the song
to obtain a worldwide success.

3 | Sound a Documentary
Learn all the techniques to sound a reference video and get a professional audio finish.

4 | Create your Podcast
Make your creations known using the best podcasting techniques.

5 | Surround Sound
Upload a level and create dimension in your own videos using incredible surround techniques to position
any sound at 360º.

6 | Improve your Premier short with Audition
Easily improve the audio tracks of your project in Premier using the power of Audition. You'll learn
how to manipulate the files in Audition and return them to Premier in a professional manner.

7 | Final Cut and Audition
Learn to share information between these two softwares and make the most of the qualities of Audition.

8 | Create a song with loops
Master your music loops and create a complete song to use in your videos.

9 | Record your Album on CD
Sort all the songs in your Album and properly level all your work to record it on CD. Get
that your Album sounds perfect and enamore your fans.

10 | Voice-over
Improve the voice-over of any project by applying techniques used by professionals.

11 | Mastering
Finish your projects in a professional manner to sound like the best.

12 | Mix an EDM track
Use professional plugins to mix your EDM track.

13 | Mix a track House
Use professional plugins to mix your track House.

14 | Mastering with professional plugins
Finish your projects in a professional way using the best tools.

Technical data:

Format: .MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080p
Spanish Language
Size: 51.4 GB
Required level: None
Base Files: No
Duration: +35 hours
Teacher: David Amo
Release date: 2018/2019
Company: Megacursos

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capture audition maestro en 35h actualizado 2019

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Audition - Maestro in 35h (Updated 2019)


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      Audition - Maestro in 35h (Updated 2019)

      Audition - Maestro in 35h (Updated 2019)

      Learn to Record and Edit any type of music or sound. Domina Audition from 0 to 100 with this Free Easy and Quick Course

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