API Course RESTful with Laravel 5.4 Definitive Guide


Download the absolute guide for the creation of a true RESTful API with Laravel.

API Course RESTful with Laravel 5.4 Definitive Guide

Information from: RESTful API with Laravel
Download the absolute guide for the creation of a true RESTful API with Laravel.

You will not find a course like this anywhere else, let alone in Spanish. Because you will use Laravel to implement a complete RESTful API and with all that true RESTful API requires.

Do not wait any longer to be an expert in developing RESTful APIs with Laravel. Join the course now and see you in classes.

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework, with more than 20 million downloads to date and many projects at a business and personal level worldwide. It also provides excellent facilities to develop RESTful APIs

What is a RESTful API?

A RESTful API is a web service that works entirely on HTTP. A good RESTful API follows the practices dictated by REST (REpresentationas State Transfer), allowing to guide the design to the resources (users, courses, transactions, products, etc.) and providing standardized answers based on the different HTTP status codes.

Why Laravel?

Because it is a framework made by programmers and for programmers, expressive, simple, intuitive and powerful., Which also provide very useful features to develop a RESTful API. Millions of PHP programmers use it and dominate it more and more all over the world; do not stay behind.

During the course you will master the complete structure of Laravel, along with the new features included in the most recent version, while also developing a true and complete RESTful API.

In the course you will learn about Laravel about RESTful APIs with Laravel:

Use of PHP artisan de Laravel for the generation of code and components
Use and creation of Laravel Middleware
Laravel resource type paths and controllers (ideal for RESTful APIs)
Answers in JSON format fully compatible with any client
Validation of requests from the Laravel controllers
Management and control of all types of exceptions and errors from the Laravel handler
Implementation of complex operations that involve two or even three resources / models
Injection of dependencies and models in Laravel
Generation of the structure of the database through Laravel migrations
Automatic insertion of random data in the database by means of factories and seeders
Validation of users, through sessions and access_token Yes both!
Use of OAuth2 for the security of the RESTful API, using ¡Laravel Passport!
Pagination of results, using Laravel collections
Use of URL parameters to execute actions (with a RESTful approach)
Sorting of results by means of URL parameters, following the REST philosophy
Filtering results using URL parameters following the RESTful approach
Caching of answers, using the Laravel cache system
Limitation of requests, using Laravel middleware
Implementation of HATEOAS from Laravel (a true RESTful API must use HATEOAS)
Use of PHP Fractal to return compatible answers with any type of client
Much more!!
You can take a look at the full list of contents below, for more details.

You will create a truly RESTful API from scratch and step by step, following the REST architecture and the proper construction of URLs to identify actions. All this with the help of Laravel.

You will have lifetime access to the bonus classes that will be added to the course (take a look at the final section to see what is coming).

At the end of this course you will be able to develop your own true API RESTful with Laravel and PHP in an effective way and with the best practices, exploiting to the maximum the facilities provided by Laravel for the correct and adequate implementation of your projects.

Do not wait any longer to be an expert in developing RESTful APIs using Laravel. I'll see you in class.


Who is it for?

This course is for all lovers of web development with PHP
This course is for all those who need to develop their own completely RESTful API
If you want to update to the latest version of Laravel (Laravel 5.4)
If you want to make a complete development of your projects and your RESTful API with Laravel 5.4
If you want to build your own fully functional and step-by-step RESTful API
If you need to keep your skills up to date and be competitive


The basic domain of object-oriented programming is highly recommended
Fundamentals of PHP (classes, functions, methods, traits, inheritance)

What will I learn?

Create your own projects with Laravel (not only RESTful APIs)
Make the most of your work tools (Sublime Text 3, Git, Github, Composer, PHP artisan and Laravel)
Generate and maintain the structure of the database in an automated way with Laravel and the PHP Artisan console
Use PHP Artisan effectively and be much more efficient

API Program RESTful with Laravel:

    Download and Install the Tools to Develop the RESTful API with Laravel
    Creating and Establishing the Laravel Initial Structure for the RESTful API
    Configuring and Using Sublime Text 3 to Develop the RESTful API with Laravel
    Understanding the Case Study for the RESTful API
    Discovering and Configuring the Laravel Structure for the RESTful API
    Creating the Laravel Initial Components for the RESTful API
    Implementing the RESTful API Models and their Relations with Eloquent
    Generating the Structure of the Database Using Laravel Migrations
    Creating Laravel Factories to Insert Information in the Database
    Implementing Operations for UserController
    Implementing Buyer Operations
    Implementing Seller's Operations
    Improving Current Operations of the RESTful API
    Handling Errors and Exceptions with the Laravel Handler
    Implicit Injection of Models in Routes and Methods
    Implementing "Soft Deleting" in All Models
    Implementing Operations for Category
    Implementing Operations for Product
    [Exercises] Implementing Operations for Transaction
    Implementing Complex Transactions with Transaction
    Implementing Complex Operations with Buyer
    Implementing Complex Operations with Category
    Implementing Complex Operations with Seller
    Implementing Complex Operations for Product
    Adding an Image to Products
    Sending Correos for the Verification of User Accounts
    The Middleware and the Request Limiter
    Transforming Responses for Security and Compatibility
    Sorting and Filtering Results Using URL Parameters
    Results Pagination
    Results Cache
    Implementing HATEOAS Hypermedia Controls
    Transformations and Validations
    Preparing the API for User Authentication Using Sessions
    Implementing the Initial Layer of Security with Laravel Passport (OAuth2)
    Restricting API Clients using OAuth2 Scopes with Laravel Passport> Does not include
    Implementation of the Final Security Layer Using Policies and Gates by Laravel> Does not include

Technical data:

    Format: .MP4
    Resolution: 1280x720p
    Size: 1.37 GB
    Spanish Language
    Content: 204 Classes
    Duration: 13 hours
    Level: Medium Level
    Base Files: IF contains
    Publication date: 2017

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Download RESTful API Course with Laravel 5.4 Free Definitive Guide

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    API Course RESTful with Laravel 5.4 Definitive Guide

    API Course RESTful with Laravel 5.4 Definitive Guide

    Download the absolute guide for the creation of a true RESTful API with Laravel.

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