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Learn to create a web of videos with Angular, develop a multimedia website with Angular 2


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Learn how to create a video website with Angular, develop a multimedia website with Angular 2

Learn in this course to create a video website with advanced features, compatible with mobile devices and easily indexed in search engines. Following the lessons step by step, you will see how to install the local server, how to develop the backend and how to integrate Angular 2. At the end of the workshop you will also have the source code to use as a basis for your personal projects using Angular 2 from a functional site in the You can see how to load information from external web services, create dynamic lists and how to create a personalized HTML5 video player with Angular 2.

Introduction to Angular
In this chapter we will examine the previous steps before starting the course, I will present the final project, the repository where the project is already finished and ready for you to examine it as well as tricks to install and configure your code tool.

Project presentation and file analysis 02:50
Downloading and preparing the base site 02:59
Development tools for this course 05:56

Previous preparation
Before starting to work on this project, we need to prepare and configure the team with the necessary software to compile, execute and distribute our application. In this chapter I will show you step by step how to install each of the programs that you will need.

Installing NodeJS 02:44
Install TypeScript 03:34
Install Angular 2 CLI 06:11
Install a local server 04:22
Import the database 01:51

Develop the Backend
This advanced project is separated into two areas, the first is the code that we will execute from the server, which will provide us with all the necessary data to work on our project in Angular.

Connecting PHP to a MySQL server 05:44
Create a video listing service 09:11
Correct headers for CORS 05:59
Selecting an individual record in a database 08:43

Integrate Angular
This advanced project is separated into two areas, here we are going to develop the second part, which is directly the Angular application that will capture the external data and display them in the web browser.

Creation of a project and analysis of its components 07:14
Create a component with Angular CLI 06:12
Include Bootstrap in Angular 07:05
Connecting to a server 07:18
Show playlists 08:52
Manage routes of Angular 2 09:06
Basic navigation in Angular 2 04:45
Navigating between components of Angular 2 06:32
Dynamic links in lists 05:40
Extract route information in Angular 2 06:48

Integrate HTML5 Video
HTML5 offers a powerful API to control your events at the programmatic level. In this chapter we will learn how to create a custom video player that uses HTML5 events and channel them to an Angular application.

Insert Video HTML5 09:21
Control a video with Angular 08:42
Deploy advanced controls 09:07
Compiling and publishing final project for web distribution 04:36

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Duration: 2:41 hours
Software: Angular, Angular 2
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    Angular Course 2 practical Video consumption site

    Angular Course 2 practical Video consumption site

    Learn to create a web of videos with Angular, develop a multimedia website with Angular 2

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