Android Nougat | From Beginner to Paid Professional


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You will learn the basics of Java programming in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

Android Nougat | From Beginner to Paid Professional

Learn the basics of Java programming in the easiest and most efficient way possible.


Learn to program in an easy, practical and project-oriented way. In this course we teach you how to program complete applications for Android as well as the reasoning behind things. Other courses promise to teach you to program a large number of applications, but what they don't tell you is that they are applications that have no practical application in the workplace and do not explain the logic behind their operation.

Here you will learn everything you need to have professional development skills for native Android applications.


About the Course
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Welcome from Instructor Juan Villalvazo

The BlueJ IDE | Our work tool to learn to program with Java

IDE "Integrated Development Environment"
Install BlueJ on Windows
Install BlueJ on Mac OS

Introduction to BlueJ and Java

Introduction to BlueJ and java
Our First Java Program

The Java Programming Language

Variables and Data Types
Constants and Reserved Words
The if else structure and logical operators Part 1
The if else structure and logical operators Part 2
if Nested and the Switch Case Structure

Java cycles

Cycles | Repetitive structures
The For cycle
The while and do while cycle

Object Oriented Programming

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming | Theory
Introduction to methods
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
Creating and using objects visually | Properties, builders and methods
Creating and using objects with Java code | Multiple builders

Installing Android Studio on Mac OS X

Android Studio
Android Studio on Mac OS X | Part 1
Android Studio Beta on Mac OS X | Part 2
Android Studio on Mac OS X | Part 3
Thank you

Your Instructor and the First Android Project

Project Introduction

Knowing our tools

Installing Java JDK on Windows
Installing Android Studio 2.2
Creating the Project ... Color Quotes!
Walk through Android Studio 2.2 Beta
Installing Our Emulator
Running our App

Basic Layouts on Android

Constraint Layout and Relative Layout
Changing the theme of the application

Basic Programming on Android

Linking our code to our UI
Responding to the User with onclickListener
XML and onclick
Linking our UI to our code
Random Numbers
Randomly Generating Appointments
Changing the UI of our App
Creating the Utils Class
Appointment Class and Appointment Generator
Changing the Appointment Color
Changing the color of the Button
Changing the icon of our App

Life Cycle of Activities

Color Quotes ... Doesn't It Work ?!
Keeping the Status of Our Activity
Obtaining the Status of Our Activity
Using OnRestoreInstanceState ()
The Life Cycle of Activities
Testing the Life Cycle of Activities

The project we will develop: Color Weather!

Project Presentation
Project Creation - Color Weather
Changing the Theme of Our Application
Importing the necessary resources

Advanced Layouts on Android

Layout types
Constraint Layout
ImageViews and Drawable Resources
Constraint Layout and TextView
Linear Layouts - Adding the maximum and minimum temperature
Constraint Layout and ImageView
Device orientation
TextView and Constraint Layout
Improving our code I
Constraint Layout and GuideLines
Android Styles
Relative Layout
Customizing the Daily Layout
ListView and the Relative Layout
String Resources
Relative Layout and the RecyclerView
Customizing the Minutely Layout

Navigation and Intents

FindViewById and onclickListener

Using external libraries

External libraries and Butterknife
Using Butterknife

Introduction to Web Services

Testing our UI
Modeling the Current Weather class
Modeling the Current Weather II class
What is a Web Service?
Creating our account
New Extension
Our first HTTP request
HTTP requests on Android
Making HTTP requests on Android
First Request to
Working with JSON and our UI
Web services
3 questions
The Math class
Unit Conversion in
Gradients and Drawables
Adding a background
39 - what we will do in the next lessons

Adapters and ListViews

ListView and ListActivity
Daily List Item
The day class
Creating the Daily Adapter
Implementing the Daily Adapter
Implementing the Daily Adapter II
Implementing the Daily Adapter III

ListViews and RecyclerViews

Arming the Hourly Layout
Creating the Hour class
Creating the Hourly Adapter
Assigning the adapter to the hourly list view
Creating the Minutely Layout
Creating the Minute class
RecyclerView Adapter and RecyclerView Holder

Did you know

Web services
Testing the Minutely Weather Adapter

Obtaining daily and hourly weather data

Daily Climate and JSON
Climate per Hour and JSON
Time zone
Improving our code once again
Minutely Weather


Introduction to the Parcelables
Parcelable Day
Parcelable ArrayList
Parcelable Hour
Parcelable Hour ArrayList
Parcelable Minute
Minutely ArrayList

Improving our UI

List Dividers and Margins

Managing Errors Properly

Handling Connection Errors
Handling empty data
Handling Empty Data in Recycler Views
Improving our code

Final challenge

Final Challenge

Technical data:

Instructor: Juan Olivares
Format: .MP4
Resolution: 1920x1080p
Size: 2.60 GB
Content: 25 Units
Duration: 20 h
Basic level
Additional Resources: Included
Publication date: 2018
Company: Udemy

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    Android Nougat | From Beginner to Paid Professional

    Android Nougat | From Beginner to Paid Professional

    You will learn the basics of Java programming in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

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