Amazon Web Services course for IT professionals


Amazon Web Services course for IT professionals. Learn how to manage services in the Amazon cloud

Amazon Web Services for IT professionals

In this course IT professionals will learn how to manage these systems, achieving the best performance and continuous availability in these services. You will see how to create a database, how to work with backups or control resources.

First impressions of Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In this chapter we will familiarize ourselves with the business systems of the cloud, and of Amazon Web Services. We will learn what are the differences between the offer of a traditional hosting and how AWS works.

    What is AWS 05:04
    Differences between a traditional hosting and AWS 04:19
    What is IaaS, PaaS, SaaS ... 04:40
    How AWS services are accounted for and paid for 04:51
    Basic use of the AWS web interface 07:20

AWS concepts

In this chapter we will learn about Amazon Web Services and the services that we will use the most when deploying our applications in the cloud. Although the amount of Amazon services is immense, with a dozen of them we will be ready to deploy quite complete applications.

    Regions and areas of availability 03:45
    The Lightsail service 01:55
    Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) 04:59
    Images (AMIs) 01:35
    Volumes (EBS) 03:33
    Instances in Amazon Web Services 04:44
    Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) 02:34
    Relational Database Service (RDS) 06:15
    Route53, the AWS DNS service 02:30
    Simple Storage Service (S3) 04:12
    Security groups in AWS 05:05
    Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) 01:59
    Elastic IP (EIP) 01:19
    What is CloudFront 02:18
    How Glacier works 02:29

Our first GNU / Linux instance

In this chapter we will learn to launch and configure an instance with GNU / Linux operating system, to connect to it from several operating systems and to launch a PHP application accessible from abroad.

    Free stretch of AWS 02:33
    How to choose an EC2 instance 02:42
    How to choose a proper AMI 05:48
    How to create an EC2 instance 08:18
    How to access our instance from Windows 06:31
    How to access our instance from Linux and Mac 06:03
    Install a PHP application on our server 06:40
    Register a domain in AWS 08:03
    Assign a domain to our server or balancer 04:59

Create a database for our service

In this chapter we will learn how to set up a database managed with RDS, how to configure read replicas and how to connect it to our application. The use of RDS will allow us to forget about the administration of the database and sleep more peacefully.

    Create an RDS instance 09:24
    Create a reading replica 04:45
    Connecting our application with the database 02:43

Backups on AWS

This chapter will help us learn how to keep backup copies of all our resources in Amazon Web Services. We always have to take care of having a way to recover our data and put the services back on track to recover from failures.

    Backup copies of an EC2 instance 02:36
    Restoring an EC2 instance 07:43
    Create a template of our EC2 instance with an AMI 02:32
    Backup of an RDS database 02:26
    Restoring an RDS database 03:08
    Automatic backup of S3 in Glacier 07:37

High availability in AWS

In this chapter we will learn what high availability consists of, and how to use the resources that Amazon Web Services puts at our disposal so that our services are working.

    What is high availability 02:48
    Create a multizone RDS instance 03:43
    Store files in a redundant system 05:44
    Create an SSL certificate 03:04
    Create a load balancer 11:50
    Launching EC2 instances automatically after a balancer 09:42

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    Amazon Web Services course for IT professionals

    Amazon Web Services course for IT professionals

    Amazon Web Services course for IT professionals. Learn how to manage services in the Amazon cloud

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