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Advanced After Effects CC course, Alpha and track matte. Get advanced knowledge and techniques with transparency


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Advanced After Effects CC course, Alpha and track matte. Get advanced knowledge and techniques with transparencies

Analyze in this advanced After Effects course the implications of the alpha channel, commonly used in audiovisual workflows that involve any production with or without added graphics. Discover its importance in the jobs we generate, in the material that we import and, of course, in the exports that we carry out. Deepen in post-production techniques such as track matte, and modes of fusion, all based on the same fundamental principles and intended to generate transparency.

The alpha channel in After Effects
In this chapter we analyze what happens to an image when it has an integrated alpha channel, what are its rules, how we load and visualize it in After Effects and how we should export it depending on the software we want to send our material to.

Composition of the alpha by pixel 07:06
Alpha rules 06:22
The alpha channel in action 02:59
Base files of the Alpha course and track matte 01:59
Alpha import options 04:48
Reinterpretation of material 04:24
Alpha import preferences 04:13
Alpha display 03:23
Rules of transparency in After Effects 03:57
Export with alpha channel 07:02

Tools that work with alpha
In After Effects we will not only import files that already have the alpha information attached, but we will also be able to use effects and tools that generate alpha channel. In this chapter we show you some of them.

The alpha channel on the chromakey 04:27
Effects to retouch the alpha 03:13
Selective blur using the rules of alpha 07:40
Selective deformation using the alpha rules 09:37
Operation of the Rotobrush tool 07:27
The propagation zone of the Rotobrush 04:22
The edge redefiner on the Rotobrush 04:11
Adjustments to perfect edge 02:56
Calculation and rendering of Rotobrush 04:59

The matte track
In the track matte we usually work with two layers, one of them gives us the information that we will convert into the alpha channel of the other. This is a procedure commonly used in postproduction in different processes.

What is the track matte 04:24
The importance of information from the top layer 03:48
Activating the track matte 09:25
Beware of the levels in the track matte 07:22
Process hierarchy and track matte 04:19

Blending modes in After Effects
The modes of fusion of After Effects common to those found in Photoshop, and that are also available in Premiere, are divided into categories based on the type of operation performed between the layers and the result obtained with the merger of both . In this chapter we see how they apply and the normal category.

Fusion modes categories 02:27
Dissolve fusion mode in After Effects 01:16
Blending mode Dissolve with variation in After Effects 00:58

Subtraction category in blending modes
The options that include the subtraction category are: darken, multiply, underexpose color, underexpose classic color, linear underexposure and darker color. These blending modes tend to darken the colors, sometimes mixing them in the same way as if we mixed paints.

Blending mode Darken in After Effects 04:08
Blending Mode Multiply in After Effects 02:16
Blending mode Underexposure of color 01:33
Blending mode Sub-exposure of classic color 00:44
Blending mode Underexposure linear 01:22
Blending mode Lighter color 01:33

Additive category in blending modes
The blending modes that we find within this category are: Add, Lighten, Screen, Color Overexposure, Classic Color Overexposure, Linear Overexposure, and Lighter Color. These modes tend to lighten the colors, in a way similar to mixing several light bulbs.

Blending mode Add 01:24
Blending mode Clarify 01:09
Blending mode Display 01:42
Blending mode Overexposure of color 01:17
Fusion mode Classic color overexposure 00:27
Fusion mode Linear overexposure 01:45
Blending mode Lighter color 01:28

Category of complexity or contrast in blending modes
This category includes the options of: Overlay, Soft light, Strong light, Linear light, Intense light, Focal light and Hard mix. These blending modes perform different operations on the upper and lower layer colors, depending on whether one of the colors is lighter than gray at 50%.

Blending Mode Superpose in After Effects 01:17
Blending mode Soft light 01:09
Strong light fusion mode 01:07
Blending mode Linear light 00:49
Mode of intense light fusion 01:26
Fusion mode Focal light 01:13
Blending mode Hard mix 01:14

Category difference in blending modes
The options included in this category are: Difference, Classic Difference, Exclusion, Subtract and Divide. These blending modes create colors based on the differences between the color values ​​of the upper layer and the lower layer.

Way of fusion Difference 01:01
Blending mode Classic difference 00:33
Blending mode Exclusion 01:04
Subtract merge 00:42
Blending mode Divide 00:30

HSL category in merge modes
Includes Hue, Saturation, Color and Luminosity. These merge modes transfer one or more components of the color HSL representation (hue, saturation and brightness) from the color of the lower layer to the resulting color.

Fusion mode Tone 01:10
Saturation Blending 00:57
Blending Mode Color 00:46
Blending mode Luminosity 01:20
Fusion modes of mate and utility
This category consists of: Design alpha, Design luminance, Alpha silhouette and Luminance silhouette. Basically, these merge modes convert the source layer to a matte for all the layers below it in the timeline.
Affect several layers with transparency 02:13
Work with blending mode Add alpha 01:46
Farewell of the Alpha course and track matte 00:43

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After Effects CC Advanced Alpha and Track

After Effects CC Advanced Alpha and Track

Advanced After Effects CC course, Alpha and track matte. Get advanced knowledge and techniques with transparency

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