Advanced Java course Good practices


Learn good practice with this new advanced Java course. Recommendations for professional work with Java


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Learn good practices with this new advanced Java course. Recommendations for professional work with Java.

Good practices are recommendations based on the routines of other developers and thanks to which, your work will be more understandable, better organized and will have a better performance. In this course you will learn to direct your code in the best way, you will know important concepts in Java, that every professional must know, and we will explain in detail the best way to apply them through practical examples. If you already know Java this course is elementary to continue growing and use it in a professional way.

Presentation and introduction to the course Good practices with Java
In this first chapter we will give a short introduction to mention the main points that we will cover in the course, then we will continue with an introduction to Java and its main features.

Presentation of the course Good practices in Java 06:39
Features of Java 08:56
Installing Java 04:35
What is JDK 07:23
What is the JRE and its relationship with JDK 04:06
How to use Eclipse in Java 06:42
What is the indentation in Java 06:30
Line jumps while using Java 07:27
How to create comments in Java and how to handle them 04:45

Good basic practices with Java
During this chapter we will learn about the first good practices in the use of Java, which are, for the most part, simple but important when thinking about correct ways of doing some things while programming in Java.

Use of Camel notation 05:48
I work with the Serpent notation 03:32
Concrete imports of content with Java 06:12
Declare variables in Java 05:31
Places to not declare variables in Java 03:55
Constants or final variables in Java 03:34
How types can affect good practices with Java 03:32
The role of language in good practices with Java 02:59
Use the plural to improve understanding in Java 03:11

Good practices in Java methods
In this module we will see what good practices we can apply in our programs regarding the methods and how we will benefit from this. We focus exclusively on the work of the methods throughout the module.

Names of the methods in Java 04:15
Boolean methods and variables in Java 03:54
Start methods in Java 04:28
Search and calculation methods 06:00
Abbreviations of names in Java 04:41
Work with complementary names in Java 06:38

Cycles and conditional in Java
In this module we will see what are the best practices that we can apply within the Java world for the cycles and conditionals that are used in this programming language. The objective is to know what we do and what we should not do regarding this topic.

Work with variables in cycles in Java 03:27
Control variables in Java 04:01
Avoid the implementation of the Do while in Java 04:03
Use of break and continue in Java 05:54
Avoid conditional expressions in Java 05:20
How should we use parentheses in Java 03:40

Performance and performance in Java good practices
In this chapter we will see in a special way the cases of performance and functioning in relation to good practices that we can apply during programming in Java. Most of the elements of this will be regarding the improvement in time and speed of the programs.

Instance Variables in Java 03:35
Setters and Getters inside Java 04:52
What it is and how to use POJO 06:36
Release resources with Java 02:55
Avoid concatenation within Java 03:44
Implementation of the For each instruction 04:50
The collections and the performance of projects in Java 03:00

Recommendations and farewell course Good practices with Java
In this chapter, the last of the course, we will see some recommendations that the student can follow at the end of the course and a brief explanation of how to handle exceptions and how they play a role in good practices.

How can we create exceptions in Java 04:03
We share some final recommendations of the course and a brief guide 03:05

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Advanced Java course Good practices

Advanced Java course Good practices

Learn good practice with this new advanced Java course. Recommendations for professional work with Java

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