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In this advanced Branding course you will see how to build and maintain a competitive brand


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In this Advanced Branding course you will see how to build and maintain a competitive brand

Branding is the way to influence a buyer and how we differentiate ourselves from the rest, shape the industry, build loyalty and even invert perceptions or prejudices. Understand in detail with this course how to analyze, develop and implement a branding strategy that allows you to achieve your goals. Identify priorities and objectives to quickly translate the theory into practice. Whether you manage a brand new or existing, or if you have a business or idea for a startup, this course will show you the strategies necessary to be effective in your branding objectives.

Components of the brand
A brand consists of different elements that end up shaping that mental image that customers have from the experience we provide. In this chapter we will review the different elements that you must take into account to shape your brand.

What do we mean by brand 01:58
What is the purpose of a brand 03:19
What gives shape to a brand 03:00
What is a branding system 03:09

Brand analysis
Good planning is the key to carrying out your branding strategy. In this chapter we will review all the issues you must consider and analyze to build a memorable brand.

Create a brand strategy 01:17
Reference frame 04:06
Do a brand audit 01:31

Brand development
Once you know the basic concepts behind branding, you are already in a position to develop your brand and expose it to your customers and potential customers. In this chapter you will learn all the details of brand development.

Brand positioning 02:18
Define a unique value proposal 03:20
Create a vision statement 02:12
Brand personality 03:25

Brand experience
An experience, whether positive or negative, has a strong psychological impact on the way consumers perceive your brand, products or services. Learn, in this chapter, how to provide a unique and valuable experience.

Evaluate brand aesthetics 03:26
Select brand colors 03:26
Evaluate the brand language 01:51

Brand contact points
A brand experience consists of different points of contact. From a tweet to a TV ad, each stimulus shapes the perception of your customers and, with them, the results you get from them.

The influence of the contact points 04:18
The brand and the storytelling 03:46
Explore the client's way 03:05

Brand management
An efficient management of your brand will not only help you to make it grow over time, but it will allow you to avoid mistakes that can negatively affect the perception of your customers. Learn more in this chapter.

Brand internal culture 02:53
Brand Ambassador 01:18
Brand responsibility 02:03

Brand loyalty
Having loyal customers is the goal of every company. It is a feature that is not achieved overnight, but with a good branding job and the right steps, you can start to see its fruits.

Net Promoter Score 04:09
Brand promoters 02:47
Brand detractors 03:08

Brand validation
Validating your brand involves understanding how it is located within market segments and what characteristics make it establish in one position or another. This not only affects the perception of your customers, but the value of your products or services.

What is brand equity 01:15
How to measure brand equity 03:25

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    Advanced Branding Course

    Advanced Branding Course

    In this advanced Branding course you will see how to build and maintain a competitive brand

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