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Web Development and...

Compilation of the best web development and design courses available for direct download. Learn to create a professional Web page.

Business, SEO and...

Do you want to become an expert in topics such as Business, Seo and Digital Marketing? So this site is for you because here you will find a compilation of the best free courses focused on these 3 topics so you can be a genius in business, learn about web positioning and grow your social networks.

2D & 3D CAD Animation

Do you want to become an expert in 2D & 3D CAD animation? Then this site is for you because here you will find a compilation of the best free courses on this subject, so that you are a genius in the creation of cartoons of two or three dimensions in computer and give more definition to the movements of objects.


Specialized courses directly on a particular topic.

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You will learn to give life to a real process step by step, respecting the basic design and giving functionality to the site.
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MecaNet 15.07.01 Spanish Free Download Learn to type quickly, with ease and safety, with this course that uses the traditional method of academies License: FreeSpanish LanguageLatest version: 15.07.01Size: 1.7 MBDid you like this article? Share it with your friends and family
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This course will help you learn several ways to make your employees positive and negative reviews. Developing a work culture with evaluations offering advice and suggestions for your employees to grow.
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In this course we highlight the best tricks of the application, which on the one hand will save you time in the most common processes, since it allows you to work in a more organized way, on the other hand you will learn new ways to solve certain workflows.
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Curso InDesign profesional: Publicaciones corporativas Español Descarga Gratis With this course you can learn to create all kinds of corporate documentation: catalogs, screen presentations, manuals, technical documentation, etc. You can use shared libraries, import databases, books by chapters, you can use PDF documents as interactive slides, etc.
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In this course we will learn to work with automatisms. We will learn to generate actions, save them and apply them correctly, we will enter the world of scripts and create scripts in a simple way.
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