Pacman in VB.NET WinForms

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In this article you can download the source code of the popular pacman game made in VB.NET and WinForms

PACMAN in VB.NET -> WinForm

Pacman vb net winforms

Pacman since it came out in 1980 because it was a success until it became a classic cult game. Its humorous format and zero violence in the gameplay is what captivates this game.

For a long time we wanted to revive this game in NET format, and on the Internet as expected, we found many source codes enthusiastic programmers to recreate this classic of video games.

Of all the source codes that we analyzed, the best one elaborated was that realized Trent Jackson.

Some of its characteristics:

- It's very well commented.

- The structure of how to program a video game (Clean screen, Process user command, Move scene, Check collisions, scene painting) is well defined.

- Ingenious sound system, where NET and WINMM are used to create two independent sound channels that allow you to control two different sounds.

- It uses imperative or procedural programming, as it was done at that time.

- Uses classes superficially and most of all behave like structures.

What do we add to improve it?

- Although the algorithm to ambush our personage realized by Jackson fulfilled its function, in certain occasions the ghosts were stayed corralados in the labyrinth. To improve this, we decided to implement the search system A * (A star) and give the ghosts the personality of the original game.

- I graze the won game screen which consists of blinking the game maze as the original.

- Death sequence of our Pac-Man

- We add greater visibility to the screen of start of the game.

Well, let's hope this code is useful for learning and as you can always download it below.
Mode game pacman vb net

modo juego pacman vb net

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Completely free of viruses and malicious software, so do not wait any longer to download it now.

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    Pacman in VB.NET WinForms

    Pacman in VB.NET WinForms

    In this article you can download the source code of the popular pacman game made in VB.NET and WinForms

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