【PAGES where you can DOWNLOAD FREE MUSIC】▷ 2022】

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Here UPDATED LIST of the Best Pages where you can LOWER FREE songs and music online for FREE.

【PAGES where you can DOWNLOAD FREE MUSIC】 ▷ 【2022】

Today with the boom of Smartphones and Tablets, it has become evident the need to search for pages to download music for free. Every once in a while we love to listen to good music, either because it relaxes us, entertains us or simply to pass the time. To make it easier for you to search the internet for pages to download music, I have made this Top with the best websites where you can download free mp3 music and high quality music.

Where to download free music - Download Songs 2022

Here UPDATED LIST of the Best Pages where you can LOWER FREE songs and music online for FREE.

1. Jamendo

We started our review of the best pages to download music talking about Jamendo, which is a page, as well as an application that has more than 500,000 songs to download, from 40,000 different artists from 150 countries so that it is undoubtedly one of the best places to download music, besides listening to it and sharing it.

This website has up to 3 million songs available. It has a large portfolio of musical genres and many artists that are completely free and 100% legal. The best you do not need to register in the service to access to download music for free, has access as guest users.

Pantalla pagina principal jamendo


2. MP3 raid

Mp3 Raid is one of the largest and has a large collection of songs to download. As soon as we access, we will see a huge list with the most popular songs and in the upper area we have access to a search engine where we can find the one we need. When we access a song, we will see the instructions to listen to it or download it on the right side.

pantalla pagina principal MP3 raid


3. Mp3Skull



Undoubtedly one of the best pages to download free music in MP3 format, which has remained in the taste of users for several years. The format of the website is very simple, it basically consists of a search box at the top of the page, along with a download Top, plus a very complete list of the music that is currently playing. So, if you are looking for pages to download music for free and legally, this is a very good option.

pantalla pagina principal mp3skulls


4. SoundCloud

This Page already accumulates millions of users per month and increasing. SoundCloud is on its way to becoming the audio listening and download phenomenon par excellence, with the permission of Spotify. Although it does not allow covers to be uploaded (its policy strictly forbids it), it gives the possibility for many artists to upload their model to make themselves known. In this way any user can enter and in addition to listening to it, you can download it to your cell phone or iPod completely free of charge.

pantalla pagina principal SoundCloud


5. Free Music Archive

WFMU, one of the most popular free music radio stations in the United States based in New Jersey, launched in 2009 the initiative Free Music Archive, a project to make available to users a wide catalog of songs by artists from all genres.

Thus, Free Music Archive has been online for eight years and has become one of the best websites to download free and legal music. In this portal you will find themes of artists associated with different alternative stations, as well as other independent musicians who upload their songs, since the platform offers any user the possibility of publishing their creations.

pantalla pagina principal freemusicarchive


6. EMp3 World



EMp3 World has about 86,250 songs in its database. When we find the song that we are looking for, we will have the option to listen to it or download it. It offers a list of the most downloaded songs, the latest ones added or those that are currently trending.

pantalla pagina principal EMp3 World


7. NoiseTrade

If you want to listen and download songs for free, NoiseTrade is another recommended website. It is a platform that hosts the albums of thousands of emerging artists who want to publicize their work, helping them connect with the fans and get ahead.

You can browse the NoiseTrade catalog by genres or search by keywords. Unlike the previous portals, to listen and download the songs it is necessary that you register and that you consent to the sending of informative emails, as well as that you provide your country and zip code. In this way, the platform tries to function as a marketing tool for the creators, helping them to spread their music and keep in touch with potential followers.

pantalla pagina principal NoiseTrade


8. MusicaMp3

MusicaMP3 a very famous platform for downloading free mp3 music. In it you can download free music of all types. On this occasion you just have to find the song that you like the most and download it. It has a search engine in which to put the name of the artist or the track itself. Pinchas y descargas so easy and so easy. You do not need a url or anything.

pantalla pagina principal musica-mp3


9. Music+Box



It is one of the best pages to download free music that has one of the largest music directories on the Internet, where you can also download free music, even without having to register on the site. On this website you can find a wide range of musical genres: from rock songs to romantic music. From your favorite artists, to newer and unknown artists.



10. YouTube

While YouTube is not one of the pages to download free music that offers a direct method to download music from your video portal, that does not mean you can not do it using third-party tools. There are pages like Freemake YouTube to MP3 that allows you to download free YouTube music to play on any device without an Internet connection. All you need is the url of the music video that interests you and then paste it into the corresponding field within the software. Other websites that work in a similar way are 4k Video Downloader and CripGrab.

pantalla pagina principal youtube


11. Musopen

In this case it is one of the pages to download free music with focus on the instrumental style, with the main objective of learning and teaching how to play musical instruments through its content. The interesting thing is that you can also find scores and educational material for different music instruments, as well as you can search according to the composer, the interpreter or even the instrument. The only downside is that you also need to have a user account in order to download the songs. If you are looking for a good page to discard free instrumental music, you are sure to love it.

pantalla pagina principal musopen


12. Live Music Archive

Internet Archive is a non-profit library that houses millions of books, movies, software and music, which can be listened to in streaming or downloaded for free. If you go to the Audio Archive section you can find the catalog of songs, which is organized according to the different collections, although you can also search by keywords.

Live Music Archive is the most interesting collection of all and has over 175,000 tracks that you can listen to online or download for free. The collection is the result of the association of Internet Archive and etree.org, a wiki that offers high quality live concerts. Here you can find live songs by well-known artists, such as Smashing Pumpkins, Grateful Dead, Spin Doctors, Death Cab for Cutie or Ryan Adams, among others, as well as emerging creators and alternative groups.

pantalla pagina principal Live-Music-Archive

ir a pagina principal Live Music Archive

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    【PAGES where you can DOWNLOAD FREE MUSIC】▷ 2022】

    【PAGES where you can DOWNLOAD FREE MUSIC】▷ 2022】

    Here UPDATED LIST of the Best Pages where you can LOWER FREE songs and music online for FREE.

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