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If you are passionate about reading this is undoubtedly a good alternative to enjoy a good book and is a good option for those who cannot constantly disburse money in books.


¿LOOKING FOR PAGES TO DOWNLOAD FREE BOOKS? Here UPDATED LIST of the Best Pages to Read and Download Books for FREE.

If you are passionate about reading this is undoubtedly a good alternative to enjoy a good book and is a good option for those who cannot constantly disburse money in books.

These are the 9 main sites where you can find and download a wide variety of books online and in the different formats available, from romantic novels to computer technology manuals.


Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg (or Project Gutenberg) collects books or texts in the public domain or books provided by the same authors. It has a library of more than 60,000 free e-books. Although this page is in English, it has a section of digital books in Spanish.

You can search the books by author, by title, sort them by special categories or by recent appearance in the Project Gutenberg catalog.

Here you will find books in ePub format, in online reading (HTML), Kindle ... We have not found in PDF or MOBI format. Downloading free and good quality epub books is extremely easy, so you are waiting!

And don't forget that if you master other languages ​​on this page you can also download books in English, in French, Italian ... And you don't need to register!

Planeta libro

On this website you can find more than 9,000 public domain books to read for free on your phone, tablet, ebook reader or PC.

We can do searches by themes or authors in alphabetical order to make your search easier, also the page suggests the best free e-books, the most searched, as well as which are the best authors.

And if you are one of those who do not like to read this account with audiobooks, which are quite practical since we can walk and do other things or just relax while enjoying a good story told. But you must take into account that since they are audio files they take up a lot of space and are not free.

You should definitely take a look at this page !!!



Ir a Planeta Libro


The Amazon Kindle section has numerous free ebooks of all kinds for ebooks.

Just remember that you need to install the Kindle app to read them. So you know: first buy the magic Tablet to read, then install the apps for Kindle that you will need if you want to get more out of this device and download free books

Before being the largest online trading platform on a global scale, Amazon was only a book store. Now it not only markets eBooks but products of all kinds. On Amazon you can not only download free books in MOBI or AZW format, but you can buy them at affordable prices quickly and easily.

Ir a Amazon Libros


This page has more than 64,000 books, so if you like to read, you are not going to get bored. This site is quite complete and has a search bar that allows you to find the book you are looking for easier, you can also search by genre, category and author

This site also shows you the latest books added, the most read of the week, the most read of the month and the most popular books of all time. In case you don't look for a special book to read, you can select one in any of these categories.

You can download epub books for free in Spanish, but you can also download them in mobi and in PDF. The only drawback is that in order to download the books for free you have to register but it is very easy to do so, so if you love reading books, you must take a look at Espaebook you will definitely find what you are looking for !!


Ir a Espaebook


This page has a fairly complete gallery of books, so if you are looking for pages to download free epub books this is one of them.

The interface of Descargasepubgratis is very simple and light in sight, so it perfectly fulfills all its functions. Since although its design is not very attractive, it is very easy to use through its more than 50 categories and its search bar

In addition, this page has a section where you can see step by step how to download the books (tutorial).

And if you are one of those who like to download from Mega, in the Mega Pack section of free epubs you can download them directly, this library has a total of 6,694 books published on the internet. They are uploaded to a direct download server.

You should definitely take a look at this page.

Ir a Descargasepubgratis


This website also has a wide variety of books, you can download more than 46,700 free books in ePub format and in PDF.

You can search for free electronic books in Spanish through the categories, by author or through the search bar. Selecting each book offers you a review and talks a bit about its author to give you an idea of ​​what to expect from it.


Many Books

Another of the best websites to download books for free is Many Books. It is simple to use and allows you to filter by gender, language or category. Each week more than one hundred new books are added.

The only drawback is that in Castilian there is little variety of novels and stories. Still you can always find some jewelry.

You can read the books online, through the eReader of Many Books. You can download the free books in different formats: ePub, PDF, AZW, MOBI…

Ir a ManyBooks


If you want to increase your knowledge and knowledge, in this library you will find all kinds of books and essays on academic, technical and computer subjects. There are many books created especially for Openlibra, which demonstrates the strength of this portal.

To download or read books in Spanish you just have to click on “Any language” in the top bar and choose “Spanish”. You can read the books online or download them in PDF format. You do not need to register.

You can search them by category, by author, by title or simply search in the search bar located at the top of the web page. This page also offers a list of highlights, where you can find the most prominent books and the Tops of books of the week. Do not forget to visit this page, certainly an excellent option.



Ir a OpenLibra

Online Programming Books

This website has an entire library of free online e-books related to programming, computer science, software engineering, web design, mobile application development, networks, databases, information technology, AI, graphics and hardware of computers. All the books available here can be downloaded for free, the only disadvantage is that most of them are in English.

If you are a freaky of programming and computer science, without a doubt this is your website for downloading manuals, tutorials and books.

Ir a Online Programing Books

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    Best Pages to download books for FREE

    Best Pages to download books for FREE

    If you are passionate about reading this is undoubtedly a good alternative to enjoy a good book and is a good option for those who cannot constantly disburse money in books.

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