Full Pack of English courses

In this article we wanted to share a Full Pack of free English courses with which you can learn to speak for free and fast, write and master this indioma, whether you have a little knowledge and want to reinforce this learning or just want Start learning the language from scratch.

Full Pack of English courses

In this article we wanted to share a Full Pack of free English courses with which you can learn to speak English easily and quickly, write and master this indioma, whether you have a little knowledge and want to reinforce this learning or simply You want to start learning the language from scratch.

There are English courses that start from the lowest levels, so you do not need to have previous knowledge in English and others in what you have to have a basic level, you only have to choose the one that best suits your level of knowledge.

For those who start in the learning of the English language we wanted to give them this small informative theme.


    1. Master Course American English Pronunciation with Vowel Power
    2. Learn English Course With Real Conversations
    3. English Course: Pre-Interm - English for Spanish Speakers
    4. English Course: Beginners - English for Spanish Speakers
    5. English course Natalie Maldonado
    6. English Pronunciation I Course - Consonant Sounds
    7. English Course Natalie Maldonado Advanced
    8. 5 minutes a day to improve your English: for busy people

Note: Select the course of your interest for more information and download it for free

Table of Contents

    1. To whom is this pack of English courses addressed?
    2. What is the meaning of English?
    3. How to learn English faster? 7 Tips WORK
    4. Which English is better British or American?
    5. Why study English? 10 Reasons
    6. Which application is better for learning English? The 5 BEST!

Note: Additional information and recommendations that might interest you and be very useful.

To whom is this pack of English courses addressed?

This Pack of free online courses of English is aimed at all those people, who have previous knowledge in the language or people who want to learn from scratch.

English what is the meaning?

English means to belong or to be related to England, or to your people, language or culture. It is also often used to mean belonging or relative to Great Britain, although many people oppose this.

How to learn English faster? 7 Tips Works

1. Listen to a lot of English
Listen to all the English you can. Listen constantly! Whenever you can, make sure you have something in English playing in your room, in your office or in your headphones.

Watch English-language television, listen to music in English and listen to audiobooks in English. Go to places where you can listen to native English speakers talking to each other. Listen to all the spoken English you can. You don't have to listen carefully: while listening, you can walk, enjoy the view, wash the dishes, read a book, exercise in the gym, do your homework, write an essay or do your daily work.

No matter what, as long as the sounds of English enter your ears and your brain, you will learn more English than you think!

2. Learn the similarities
Keep this in mind when you are learning English.

If you hear a word or sound that seems impossible, there is a possibility that it is impossible! If you know that some sounds are unlikely to occur in the English language, you can learn to spell more easily.

For example, if you are trying to write the word "phantom " and you are not sure if the H appears before or after G, try saying it aloud.

If you try to say  "Hgost ", the sound "HG " seems impossible to pronounce, is it? But the sound "GH " in "phantom " is possible. Use that!

3. Learn new sounds separately
Before you can speak and understand English as a native, learn sounds in English. This is a great publication full of information about different sounds in English and how to pronounce them.

Find the sounds that are harder to understand or pronounce and study them more strongly.

Some experiments show that listening to slowed down sounds can help them learn in just an hour. Now that's fast!

4. Use Word Associations
When you're learning new words, try to learn them in groups. It combines a word with an image, a movement or another word. When you have this strong connection in your mind, it will be easier to remember it.

Try to use your hands and body to show the meaning of the words you are learning, at least until you remember it by yourself. You might also try to draw some images instead of writing the definitions.

For a fun activity, try converting words into what they mean. You can find some ideas using Google image search. Doing this will not only help you remember the meaning, but also the spelling!

5. Remember patterns, not rules

You may have spent some time learning the rules of grammar and spelling in English. Instead of thinking of them as rules, try to remember the patterns.

Look at the normal past tense, for example. The rule says  "Change a regular verb in its past tense form, add-ED at the end of the verb ". If you can remember that from just reading the prayer, great! For most of us, however, it is difficult to understand the rule unless we see it used.

To learn the rule as a pattern instead, just look at a group of regular verbs and their versions of past tense:

Want-Want Ed

See the pattern? Let's take one more step. There is a difference between this next group of verbs and the previous group.

Planned break plan

Notice the difference here? What's the pattern? The rule that follows these last three verbs says that  "When a verb ends in consonant-Vocal-consonant, the last letter is written twice before ED " is added.

So, the next time you have trouble memorizing the rules, look at the patterns instead.

6. Learn phrases, not words

Learning words for yourself can be difficult, as many words have more than one meaning. Just knowing a word doesn't mean you can really use it. So, when you learn new words, learn how they are used in sentences, sentences and conversation.

The word "retrospective", for example, means looking back at something. You'll probably never hear it use without the word "in " before:  "In retrospect, you shouldn't have eaten all the cake." Learn how words are grouped and will sound more natural when you talk.

7. Learn with music
Language is almost a type of music of its own. Learning languages by using music makes learning easier and faster. There are many songs to learn English, many of which you can find on YouTube or right here at FluentU. Listen to songs and sing with them, and soon you will be talking like a native!

Which English is better British or American?

Both have a purpose and both are consistent within their rules, the scales cannot be tilted on either side or the other. Perhaps the most notable difference between American and British English is vocabulary. There are hundreds of everyday words that are different. For example, the British call the hood of the front of a car, while the Americans call it a bell.

Why study English? 10 reasons

1. English is one of the most spoken languages

2. English will open more opportunities for you

3. English will make it more desirable for employers

4. English gives you access to some of the best universities in the world

5. English is the language of some of the best literatures in the world

6. English allows you to get more from popular culture

7. English allows you to attend international conferences and events

8. English has a simple alphabet and they are all the same

9. English gives you broader access to knowledge

10. English is a fantastic intellectual challenge!

Which application is best for learning English? Top 5!

Here are 5 of the best English-language applications that teachers and students can use to learn English and develop English skills at any time and anywhere on their mobile devices.

Duolingo-Learn languages for free

Duolingo is one of the best applications in English today and highly recommended for beginners of English. The application's Gamified learning system helps you learn English quickly by spending twenty minutes a day. Duolingo structure your lessons that teach you about seven new words based on a theme and skill points that are given to complete the lessons.

Duolingo's lessons are adapted to the user's learning style. The exercises are designed to help users learn and review vocabulary effectively. Duolingo is an excellent English learning application that helps to cover a lot of material for English learners of all levels.

Download: Android | IOS

Memrise: Learn languages for free

Memrise uses a creative and easy way to remember words to learn English. The goal of this application is to help users broaden their vocabulary by learning English words effectively. Memrise also offers an off-line mode to continue learning without Internet connection.

Memrise will start using your spaced repeating system to help you start learning tons of new vocabulary words in English easily. Memrise also has courses to learn English grammar in an innovative way.

Download: Android | Ios

Learn Busuu languages

Busuu helps you learn English while you are on the move and the quality of the lesson is guaranteed as it is based on the CEFR language framework. Lessons range from beginner to advanced through full vocabulary, lesson dialogue, writing practice, and exams. Busuu is really a great English application if you want to improve your spoken English.

With Busuu, you can talk to native English speakers to practice your English and it's a great way to practice your speech.

Download: Android | Ios

Improve English: Puns

For those who are learning English as an additional language, improve English: Word games will provide a constant progression of understanding. Teaches new vocabulary and offers many ways to practice.

Improve English: Word games helps you learn new words, concepts and phrases and also offers you many opportunities to practice. It is designed for those who have established a basic understanding of English and who want to improve their ability.

Both people and teachers could make good use of this application. It is better suited to an individual with exclusive access to a device, but English teachers could use the games as stimulating exercises to provide a break from written work or to help a newly arrived student to increase Quickly your English language skills.

Learn English with Babbel

Babbel focuses more on helping English language learners acquire basic conversation skills. Babbel is a great language application that has a strong focus on vocabulary. Babbel also allows users to learn to understand a language by completing and repeating phrases. The application has four different approaches: sound recognition, image recognition, spelling and filling in the blank spaces. Babbel definitely focuses on the quality of their learning rather than the amount. Babbel also uses a custom goal system that allows users to set benchmarks as they learn a language and also monitor their progress. If your goal is to learn new vocabulary effectively, Babbel is the app for you!

Lessons are divided into real-world issues: You will learn how to introduce yourself, order food and make travel arrangements, so that every word and phrase you use may have a logistical purpose. This, says Babbel, is to ensure that students can begin to have real and meaningful conversations as soon as possible.

Many English learners find that learning new words is one of the hardest things about language. Babbel uses the common European framework of reference for languages to divide lessons by level of difficulty.

Babbel is a language application that promises to help users broaden their language horizons by learning up to 14 different languages.

Download: Android | Ios

Learn languages: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is designed in a very different way than most of the language applications found today in the market. In other words, he's trying to teach US English the same way we learn it if we were kids who started learning the language. It has exercises designed to help you learn basic words. Each language has a variety of lessons that Rosetta Stone has used for years to teach people. It's a good way to do it if you're looking for a proven and true method.

Inside the platform, you'll see that all the words, phrases and audios are in English. It's that immersion of an experience! In addition to its learning component, it also has a platform where you can program lessons with a live tutor every two lessons. So if you enjoy practicing English speaking to native speakers, this could be a great extra feature.

Voice recognition within the platform has also been commended because it has been designed to specifically recognize the pronunciation of non-native speakers. I'm sure you can relate, but when we're learning a new language at first, there are many words we know but they end up uttering with a strange accent, which can cause a raised eyebrow or a frowning loudspeakers. Enhanced speech recognition really helps to compensate for this.

Download: Android | Ios

LearnEnglish Grammar (UK ed.)

Learn English Grammar is an interactive application designed to help improve your grammar. If you really want to improve your English grammar in detail, it is an excellent English learning application that helps to cover 12 topics of grammar with 20 activities per topic for English students of all levels

Download (UK edition): Android | Ios

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    Full Pack of English courses

    Full Pack of English courses

    In this article we wanted to share a Full Pack of free English courses with which you can learn to speak for free and fast, write and master this indioma, whether you have a little knowledge and want to reinforce this learning or just want Start learning the language from scratch.

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