En este blog encontrarás mis artículos que he redactado con respecto a mi pasatiempo favorito que es la mecánica automotriz.

Espero les guste.

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In this article Mechanical Girl solves a problem of lack of spark in a cylinder of the Chery Arauca or A1.
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In this article I explain how to change the gasoline filter of the Chery Orinoco A3, easy for you to do it yourself.
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How to change the internal air filter of the Chery Orinoco in very simple steps.
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Here we describe in a simple way how to remove the decorative cover of the Orinoco engine.
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In this article we talk about how to solve the acceleration problems of the Chery Orinoco.
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In this blog article, Chica Chica shows us how to make an effective battery charge tester that we can do in our case or workshop.
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In this article I explain what is and how the engine coolant works. Also I show you tips of which refrigerant to use.
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In this article, mechanical girl shows us some procedures how to know if the CKP is responsible for the engine does not turn on. As always, simple to realize and easy to understand.
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In this article I show you how to make a simple injectors tester that you can do in your workshop or at home.
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In this article I will explain how to test and solve Chery Orinoco A3 temperature sensor (ECT) problems
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