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En este blog encontrarás mis artículos que he redactado con respecto a mi pasatiempo favorito que es la mecánica automotriz.

Espero les guste.


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In this article, Chica Mecánica shows you how to modify the lights of the lighter of the Chery Orinoco A3 and give it a much more attractive, easy and simple effect as always.
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Solve the faults in a simple way with this continuity tester with sound and light that you can do in a homemade way and with simple materials.
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In this article, Chica Mecánica makes a simple circuit that can measure the charge of a car battery. Very simple to do and economical.
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Acceleration failure of the Chery Orinoco or A3, because the fault is often of this sensor. Learn to try it with Mechanical Girl.
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In this article, mechanical girl shows us how to test the cooling system of an engine and its possible failures. In this case for a Toyota Starlet.
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In this article I explain how to change the gasoline filter of the Chery Orinoco A3, easy for you to do it yourself.
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In this article I show you the algorithm of how to perform the reduction or simplification of fractions quickly in NET Framework.
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How to change the internal air filter of the Chery Orinoco in very simple steps.
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In this blog article, Chica Chica shows us how to make an effective battery charge tester that we can do in our case or workshop.
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