The air filter

In this article we talk about one of the most important elements and that little is written about, many downplay it, and for many people it goes unnoticed.

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Air filter

The engine air filter is an element of which little is written, many diminish importance, and for many people goes unnoticed as an element rather than change during the service of the engine. Now, in the next few lines I will try to explain why the air filter.

What is the air filter?

The air filter is an element responsible for retaining particles in suspension that are in the air such as dust, pollen, insects and others so that they do not enter the cylinders of the engine. If the filter did not exist, all this dirt would enter the acceleration body and eventually burn inside the cylinders of the engine.

What happens if there is no air filter?

Now, many may wonder what happens if insects or dust enter the engine, are very small particles and many of them would burn in the ignition. These thoughts are far from reality, the problem comes from the accumulation, if the air filter is defective and passes dust particles, they will reach the cylinder and when it ignites, these will crystallize due to the high pressure and temperature produced . Now, if these crystallized particles fail to escape through the exhaust valve, they will stick to the walls of the cylinder and be dragged by the reciprocating movement of the piston, becoming a powerful mechanical sandpaper that will eat the piston rings and the piston rings. cylinder walls, eventually damaging the engine.

If the particles leave the exhaust valve of the chamber, they will get stuck in the catalytic converter of the engine shortening its useful life and when it becomes obstructed it reduces the power to the motor.

When and why change an air filter in due course?

There really is not a specific time for your change, it all depends on the degree of use and the environmental conditions in which we use our vehicles. A good way to know when to change it is to carry out its routine inspection, which should be at least once a month if the environments through which it circulates are dusty or there is a lot of pollution characteristic of large cities. It does not hurt that when you remove the filter for inspection, shake it or do a reverse blow with an air compressor (if you have one) to try to remove the dust that is stuck in the fibers and thus It will extend your life a little longer.

The air filter if there is a moderate degree of obstruction, causes the air / fuel ratio to vary. This condition causes loss of strength and excessive production of soot inside the engine as the response to this situation is usually to increase the fuel input to the cylinders to try to maintain the power. This reduces the useful life of the oil (since it has to drag all this soot from the walls of the cylinder), increases the consumption of fuel and polluting emissions to the atmosphere.

This is why it is very important to periodically review and be very careful with the use of substitutes such as tapered filters which have their advantages but also require a greater follow-up and much more maintenance than their paper pairs.

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The air filter

The air filter

In this article we talk about one of the most important elements and that little is written about, many downplay it, and for many people it goes unnoticed.

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