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In this article he answers frequently asked questions with the chery orinoco spark plugs. I also talk a little about the type, change, recommended brands.

Frequently Asked Questions Chery A3

Spark plug uses the A3 Chery

The Orinoco uses spark plugs:

-> Part number - 907AA922000081

-> Denso K16PR-U11 # 4

-> Chery Bosch 481F-3707010 (this is platinum tip)

-> Spark plug type: Let's say hot, standard.

Why is it standard hot?

Because in reality it is the one used by most vehicles. But the last word has the manufacturer, and he is the one who arranges the spark plug of the machine. It is he who knows the regime, compression ratio and the calibrated mixture at various RPM regimes and engine demands.

In the world today there is a wide variety of different spark plugs, there are more than 1,400 variations. (size, height and diameter). Within those variations there is variation of constructive materials such as copper, platinum, silver and iridium, combinations between both, then with those numbers, you realize and you will see that there are more than 20,000 different types of spark plugs.

The manufacturer based on its engine, chooses from this huge catalog, the type of spark plug that best suits the performance of the engine. If the end user always makes the changes for the recommended spark plug, he will not have problems.

Change of construction material of the spark plug

Changing the type of material, all it does is vary the life of the spark plug. A normal copper-nickel gives you 15mil or 20mil km. But one of iridium "ufff" will give you 70 thousand km very easily. Of course the prices of the latter are extraordinary.

Change the brand of the original spark plug

You can change the brand without problems, and the various brands of spark plugs updated their catalogs and include the brand Chery. So you can get Champion, Denso, and NGK without any problems. What to use ... it's a matter of taste and nothing official is written yet. LOL.

Change shape and size

Be careful with this. To change the shape and size of a spark plug you need to know the mixture that you are going to enter the engine, the barometric pressure at the intake, the compression ratio and the maximum stroke of the piston in the PMS. If you choose the spark plug wrong, it can melt or split and seriously damage the engine. But it is not difficult to know these data and to handle them much less. So, if you're going to mess around, cheer, but that's another thing. Hahaha.

It's all for the moment.

Written by Dennis García

Mechanical Girl





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    spark plug uses the Chery A3 - FAQ

    spark plug uses the Chery A3 - FAQ

    In this article he answers frequently asked questions with the chery orinoco spark plugs. I also talk a little about the type, change, recommended brands.

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    • Asked by Julio Camargo
      on 12/04/2018
      Buenas noches Sra Dennis como esta? Una pregunta al respecto. Se le puede poner al orinoco bujias del mismo diametro y tamaño pero que no sean punta de diamante o iridio? Y que tenga uno, dos o tres terminales que implica o en que influye? Answer:
      Que tal Sr. Julio, estoy muy bien, gracias. : ) Y en respuesta a su pregunta es sí. Puedes cambiar el material de contrucción (iridio, titanio), el numero de electrodos (uno, tres y cuatro) mientras que la bujia que tenga las mismas dimensiones físicas. ¿En en cambia? duración/rendimiento en función del tiempo. Una bujia nueva de cobre y un electrodo rinde practicamente igual a una de iridio, pero a los 15mil km ya la de cobre baja mucho la calidad de la chispa, mientras que una de iridio con ese kilometraje te da el mismo rendimiento que cuando estuvo nueva. El aumento del numero de electrodos lo que hace es aumentar el rendimiento ya que por alguno de ellos salta la chispa. Entonces la misma bujia de cobre, pero con 3 electrodos te puede dar 40mil km.
    • Asked by mapejorge
      on 01/03/2019
      Buenas noches, se hizo mantenimiento a la bomba de la gasolina, pero luego el indicador de gasolina me muestra un cuarto de tanque menos cuando esta full y aveces llega a menos, favor ayúdeme que será está falla y como hago para que el flotante se normalice. Answer:
      Mapejorge, yo hice un video en youtobe donde explico todo eso. Debe ser que no colocaste el medidor en su posicion.
    • Asked by Branon
      on 02/28/2019
      LAs bujias nuevas para Arauca requieren graduacion? Answer:
      Nop, para nada Branon.
    • Asked by eduard
      on 03/20/2019
      Hermano buen día. Que bujia me recomienda para el orinoco? Ngk. Denso. Acedelco. Ekko. Vortex. De cuantos electrodos ? Answer:
      Te puedo dar es mi experiencia Eduard, NGK con punta de platino me duraron sin mtto los 50mil km, las denso normales con limpieza 25mil km. Todo es cuestión de lo que necesitas y lo que aguante tu bolsillo. Porque unas de punta de iridio duran hasta 70mil km, pero hay que vender el carro para montarlas. jajaja.

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