Loss of power of the Chery A1 engine

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If your Arauca fails to accelerate or loses strength, this mechanical girl article can help you find the fault.

Loss of power of the Chery A1 engine

If your Chery Arauca fails to accelerate or loses strength, this mechanical girl article can help you find the fault.

These cars are very sensitive to changes in the amount of injection that enters the cylinder and the quality of the spark. If either of these two variables is deficient, it will greatly affect engine performance.

Symptoms of these acceleration problems are:

- Loss of power when climbing a steep road.

- Very unstable engine at a minimum. EYE, some instability is normal when an engine is more than 70 thousand km.

- When going backwards piston or jingle.

- Acceleration is not a couple, but jalonea.

If you have many of these symptoms, or you have them all that you should check in your Chery Arauca when it loses potency or does not accelerate:

First you must go for the simplest:

A dirty air and / or gasoline filter causes these failures.

Even a dirty air filter causes the ignition soot to reach the acceleration body, gets dirty and makes the problem of the minimum worse.

Replace the problem filters and clean the throttle body. Here is a video of how I did it.

Spark plug wires in poor condition.

Many times when changing wires or making spark plugs clean, people do not place the wire in the spark plug properly and the dirt enters between the wire cap and the spark plug. This causes problems of intermittent leakage of current which results in the cylinder not working properly. Even if dirt does not enter, the accumulation of gasoline in the spark plug by the non-explosion plugs and quickly charred it, which will not allow it to accelerate the engine.

Clean the plug of the spark plug wire and the spark plug itself.Check the spark plugs.

As I always mention, seeing the condition of the spark plugs tells us how the engine mix is. Carbonized spark plug indicates bad mixing, either a dripping injector, or problems with the spark plug wire. A white spark plug indicates lack of fuel per capped injector. Anyway, here is an article I made acerca de las bujías.

Clean the spark plugs every 10 thousand km. It is a good way to keep them in good condition throughout their useful life.


Now the most complex:

CKP sensor very dirty

These cars the CKP is on the flywheel of the engine, that is, in the box. As you will see there is the plate and disk which wear out and filings reach this sensor easily. These filings when accumulated generate measurement errors that result in wrong ignition times and spark / injection hops. Then the car will lose power. Cleaning is quite simple, here is a video of how to do it.

The pre-filter of dirty gasoline.

Usually people forget that before the pump there is a filter that prevents dirt from entering the pump. If this filter gets dirty the pump pressure drops and therefore there will be no good ignition. Reaching this filter is no problem, you just have to take out the whole body of the gasoline pump here I leave you a video of how to do it.

Stretched Timing Belt

A belt of time with more than 70 thousand km is gradually stretching. This causes delays of spark and piston or jingle when accelerating and then loses power. When stretching is very severe, the engine light will come on from time to time. Remember that this belt must be replaced before it breaks, but the car bends valves and repair is expensive.

To solve this, you must change the timing belt.

Problems with the suichera or the ignition suiche.

This is another problem that drives many owners crazy. When the switch is damaged or is about to be damaged, the contacts that keep the engine ON are disengaged. Then there is a flashing of the PCM (it turns off for very short periods of time) that produce power failures or acceleration.

This is a very delicate problem, if you suspect that the hose is presenting faults you should replace it as soon as possible because this damages the car's computer.


Injectors dirty or dripping.

An injector or group of dirty injectors causes considerable power losses. It is the most common fault in today's engines. As I mentioned earlier, this is seen in the spark plug. As it is a complicated job since in these cars you have to take out the intake manifold ... it is left as the last option. But if your car already has 70 thousand and you have not done maintenance on them it is almost certain that this is the problem.

Finally, the coil.

A somewhat damaged coil produces failures when the iron core is heated. This causes problems of magnetization and saturation of the core that prevents it from generating a quality spark. If there is no good spark, the ignition will not be good and we will have problems of acceleration and loss of power when the coil warms up. When the coil cools, the fault disappears, which is why it is a problem that is difficult to identify when there is no experience.

This is also seen in the spark plugs. If there are one or two spark plugs plugged with gasoline and especially those in the same coil core (in this case there are two cores), it is most likely a coil problem.

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Written by:
Dennis García
Chica Mecáncia

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    Loss of power of the Chery A1 engine

    Loss of power of the Chery A1 engine

    If your Arauca fails to accelerate or loses strength, this mechanical girl article can help you find the fault.

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    • Asked by Marvin Antonio Diaz Pedriquez
      on 08/13/2019
      Saludos desde la Victoria Estado Aragua chica mecanica, muy buena informacion la suministrada, casualmente tengo ese tipo de falla en el Arauca de mi esposa, voy a realizar las pruebas o test sugeridos en tu blog, otra pregunta que te queria hacer es que el Arauca tiene un problema de electricidad, específicamente en uno de los rele de los electroventiladores, los cables se calientan demasiaso y no es por falso contacto, parece que es por consumo excesivo de corriente ya que cuando el acondicionador de aire esta apagado los cables no se calientan y los electroventiladores se encienden solo por temperatura, el problema esta cuando enciendo el acondicionador de aire la velocidad de los electroventiladores aumenta y a su vez se recalientan los cables de los rele que hasta los funde y derrite el plastico que tenga cerca. Una de las Soluciones que opte por hacer fue sacar aparte los dos rele de los electroventiladores con sus conectores y rele separados pero igual cuando enciendo el aire sobrecalienta uno de los cables. Gracias por tu atencion si puedes me ayudas o me recomiendas un sitio especializado que tengan pleno conocimiento del caso. OJO DE SER POSIBLE QUE NO SEA UN CONCESIONARIO, YA QUE HE TENIDO MALAS EXPERIENCIAS CON DOS A LOS QUE HE ASISTIDO. Answer:
      Que tal Marvin, lo que tienes es un electroventilador defectuoso o una de las bocinas del mismo esta sin lubricación o dañada lo que lo hace trabajar forzado y por esto consume corriente excesiva. Recuerda que los electros tienen 2 velocidades, cuando el motor calienta, enciende la 1era velocidad y eso es suficiente para bajar la temperatura del motor. La 2da velocidad se enciende cuando el motor esta sobrecargado y pasa de 107 grados, y cuando enciendes el aire acondicionado. Es por esto que notas el problema cuando enciendes el aire. En un electroauto te los revisan sin problemas o tu mismo los puedes revisar.
    • Asked by Jose Gregorio Perez
      on 08/21/2019
      Muchas gracias por tus post chica mecanica, tengo un chery arauca y tiene problemas de aceleracion, al arranque tiende a apagarse, no sube cuestas empinadas y en velocidad corcobea, hace poco se le realizo el cambio de aceite y filtros de aire motor y gasolina, hoy se chequearon bujias, inyectores y la bomba y al parecer la bomba tiene una falla, te pregunto como saber si la bomba de gasolina esta mala o buena Answer:
      Midiendo la presión Jose se sabe si la bomba esta dañada. En este caso debe darte unos 4 bar

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