Best Android Apps to Rotate Any Android in 30 Seconds and No PC

In this article we show you the method to Rooting any Android and no PC required.

Best Android Apps to Rotate Any Android in 30 Seconds and No PC

Hello all followers of this page as we always continue to contribute different themes and very useful, today we decided to share a method to Rootear an Android in only 30 seconds without affecting its warranty.

This method of Android Rootear is done with an application, so it is not necessary to use your PC.

First of all for those who do not know much about this topic I will explain what is The rooting or rooting of Android devices and this is nothing more than the process that allows users of smartphones, tablets and other devices with the mobile operating system Android get privileged control (superuser permissions). This gives us the assurance that we will not have to hope that the manufacturer company releases an update that then has to go through the operators to insert its odious "eats-resources" applications and other modifications that both manufacturer and operator add to earn more money

Rootear Android with Kingroot


KingRoot is an application that will allow us to 'roote' our Android terminal in a matter of seconds, as long as we have an operating system between Android 4.2.2 and Android 5.1. That is, it will allow us to do the same as the mythical Towelroot, but even if we have Lollipop in our Android terminal.

The procedure for applying root to our terminal is as simple as that of Towelroot. Although the application is only in Chinese, all we have to do is click on the blue button and wait. After a few seconds the application will finish working and ready, we will have our terminal with root.

It is important to note that KingRoot does NOT work on all terminals. In MotoG, for example, it usually gives problems; Although with the Nexus, for example, almost always works perfectly.

Steps to Android Android in just 30 seconds

    1. Download and install the Kingroot application
    2. Run the application and click Run Now. The device may restart, which is normal. So after restarting the mobile, go back to open Kingroot to continue the process.
    3. Then wait a few minutes until 100% of the process is completed. Once Rooted you will be able to run any root application.

Download Application


The iRoot application (formerly called as VROOT) is a powerful software that allows you to get Root for any Android device with a single click, without the need to use a PC.

Steps to Android Android in just 30 seconds

First, check that your device is compatible with iRoot from this link. This is the link of the official iRoot website.

Step 1. First, download and install the best application to Rootear your Android mobile. (Be sure to turn on the app installs from unknown sources on your Android.)

Step 2. In the iRoot Application interface, it will be shown that the phone does not have root permissions. You will need to click the "Get Root Access" button.

Step 3. The only thing you can do is wait for the process to end. Once it is successful, you can see the warning in the window.

(This process takes only a few seconds, make sure your Internet works when you're rooting the Android device with the help of iRoot.)

Step 4: The phone will restart after it has Root access. That is all!

Download the Author's Website Application


Framaroot allows to rootear your Android device also without PC, since you only have to install the framaroot application. This application includes several exploits that are responsible for getting the access Superuser. Works with Android versions version 2.x to 4.x. The list of compatible devices can be found here.

How to install framaroot:

    1. Download Framaroot on the official website.
    2. Run, choose superuser or SuperSU
    3. Select Boromir or another character
    4. Device restarts and is already Roboted

Download the Author's Website Application

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Best Android Apps to Rotate Any Android in 30 Seconds and No PC

Best Android Apps to Rotate Any Android in 30 Seconds and No PC

In this article we show you the method to Rooting any Android and no PC required.

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