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Learn E-commerce with PrestaShop, with this course you will lead to success your online store. Make the most of your e-commerce with Prestashop

The success of your Prestashop online shop depends on many factors and this course teaches you some of the configurations and modules that will help your business become more competitive. You will learn how to personalize your store to your liking so that it adapts to the needs of the products that you are going to sell. We will change the subject of the Prestashop and we will make all kinds of modifications in the initial configuration of the store and in its design with the intention of showing the most common parts of the work with Prestashop. To carry out this course it is not necessary to know to program or to have special computer skills, since the explanations will be step by step, simple and practical.

Introduction to Ecommerce with PrestaShop
This first chapter introduces you to the course and explains, without going into detail, the installation that has been configured so that the course can be followed under the same conditions. It also explains some useful tools to work with PrestaShop.

    Customize a PrestaShop Store 02:03
    Installing PrestaShop's local working environment 03:49
    Additional Help Tools: Firebug or Chrome 04:18

Working on the look of our store
Most of the job of configuring a store is the modification and adaptation of the look of it to our intentions. And that's what we'll do in this chapter: make the typical modifications needed to customize our store.

    Find and try out topics in PrestaShop 10:55
    Organize the position of PrestaShop modules 05:01
    Organization of the hooks on the cover 07:08
    Responsive design and PrestaShop 03:21
    Module configuration: generic explanation 05:45
    Modify the product blocks 06:44
    Modifying the cover banners 06:47
    Editing the main slider 07:45
    Configuring theme customization for the site 04:03
    Modifying theme styles to make simple adjustments 06:43
    Notifications in the module panel. Added in addons 02:51
    Displaying cookies warning: installing modules 04:41

Modification of the sections and link of the store
PrestaShop has an integrated CMS that serves to manage the contents that are not strictly necessary for the configuration and organization of the products, as well as a system of menus of links to be able to see its pages.

    Control footer links 05:17
    Setting up social networking information 02:20
    Editing the legal notice page 02:23
    Creation of CMS content 05:10

Store content management
Although the most complex part of setup is usually the home of the store, you also have to add and sort our contents and configure these according to your special needs. This is what we will do throughout this chapter.

    PS Cleaner to clean test data 04:12
    Settings of the categories 03:53
    Setting the horizontal menu 02:58
    Adding links in the horizontal menu 02:36
    Configurable products for my shop: attribute size 02:46
    Creating new products for my store with PrestaShop 06:26

Customization of store texts. Languages
The application of languages ​​in the shops PrestaShop is very easy, just like the customization of the texts of the interface. In this chapter we'll look at how to edit store languages ​​and interface texts.

    Reconfiguring Store Languages ​​03:05
    Application of the translations to the contents 02:23
    Modifying the texts of the store interface 05:35
    Making a final review of the store 02:27

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Course E-commerce with PrestaShop Personalization

Course E-commerce with PrestaShop Personalization

PrestaShop Course / Free License

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