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Information: Character Animation
Learn Character Animation with After Effects CC. Discover how to give life to your characters and begin to unleash your imagination.

In this course we will give a complete overview of the different techniques and tools that we have available when using Adobe After Effects, from traditional pose to pose animation, where we will use from freehand drawing techniques to direct layer animation with the Help of small expressions and tools such as free-standing or puppet. We will also see how to animate facial expressions with simple techniques of time remapping or even how to control an animation through an audio file. Finally, we will see how thanks to the new Character Animator tool we can take our characters one step further.

Introduction to Character Animation with After Effects
In this chapter we will explain the objectives of the course, making a short tour of the main milestones. We will also see to whom it is directed and what will be the final result that we will obtain after completing it.

    Presentation of the course and main objectives 01:36
    Character Animation Base Files 01:52

Preparation and initial adjustments of the characters
In this chapter we will learn how to prepare our characters for their subsequent animation. We'll also look at how we should import them into Adobe After Effects so that they are handled optimally.

    How to structure Illustrator files 03:40
    Import options in Adobe After Effects 05:07
    Interpretation of work files 06:07

Basic animation with Adobe After Effects
In this chapter we will know some of the most basic techniques, but not less interesting, that Adobe After Effects puts at our disposal to perform the animation of characters within their environment.

    Freehand animation 07:45
    Sequential animation or stop-frame 06:13

Traditional layered animation
In this chapter we will focus on one of the most common methods in digital animation: layered animation. A simple and direct but tremendously useful method that we must master to improve our work.

    Types of keyframes. Basic principles of animation 08:35
    Definition of anchor points 05:31
    Creation of hierarchies in the characters 03:52
    Planning the animation of the character 04:35
    Animation with direct kinematics: main animation 08:52
    Animation with direct kinematics: secondary animation 09:45
    Animation with direct kinematics: adjustment of curves 08:21

Puppet animation in Adobe After Effects
In this chapter, we will learn how to animate characters by using the free position localization tool or puppet, which will allow us to create animations in a simple and fun way.

    Preparing a character with the puppet tool 07:34
    Real-time animation recording 06:49
    Animation of the superposition 05:45
    Adjust stiffness by stretching free position 04:07

Creating a Walking Cycle
In this chapter we will learn to create one of the basic animations in the field of character animation: the walking cycle. Using the techniques learned so far, we will be able to carry out a cycle of walking that we can incorporate into our projects.

    Animation of the character dress 05:13
    Animation of the legs of the character 05:24
    Animation of the head of the character 04:23
    Animation of the character's arms 06:04
    Secondary character dress animation 06:18
    Fine tune animation: overlap 07:21
    We work with cyclic expressions 07:29

Facial animation of our character
We would not have a full character animation without animating their gestures and expressions. In this chapter you will learn very useful techniques to facilitate this important work, from the animation of gestures to the synchronization of lips in a dialogue.

    Animation of facial expressions 04:31
    Automatic Lip Sync 09:30

Animation using reverse kinematics
In this chapter we will learn the basics of reverse kinematic animation and how, by using the free Duik plugin, we can easily apply it in Adobe After Effects to all our characters.

    What is and what is the inverse kinematics 3:05
    Reverse kinematics in Adobe After Effects: Duik 05:47

Working with Adobe Character Animation
Finally, we will know how the new tool Adobe Character Animation tool that, without a doubt, goes a step further in the animation of characters, opening up new creative options.

     Creating a base template from Adobe Photoshop 02:30
     Creating a Scene in Adobe Character Animator 07:18
     Farewell Character Animation with After Effects 01:05

Technical data:

     Format: .MP4
     Resolution: 1280x720p
     Image description
     Spanish Language
     Trainers: Fernando Cembellín
     Content: 32 Videos
     Duration: 3:02 hours
     Software: After Effects, After Effects CC 2015
     Base Files: YES Includes

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After Effects CC Course Character Animation

After Effects CC Course Character Animation

After Effects CC Course Character Animation / Free License

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