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Information: Learn to be assertive
In this course you will learn to be assertive. Know assertive techniques to deal with difficult situations

We all get frustrated when they take advantage of us or respond aggressively when we are provoked or trapped. Learn to evade these reactions by being assertive. This course reveals what assertiveness means and how it is distinguished from aggression. In it we will observe particular techniques that you will have the possibility to use to respond on occasions and with difficult people.

Introduction to assertiveness
Assertiveness forms the basis of everything we do, of all our interactions with others, of leadership, of time management and of giving a good presentation. It is difficult because it is not a natural ability. Let's see what it consists of and how we can improve it.

    Why assertiveness does not come naturally to us 06:17
    Understand your rights and responsibilities 02:32
    Identify the attitude you currently have 04:55
    Avoid the passive-aggressive trap 02:52
    Change your inner dialogue 03:26
    Reduce your negative emotions 05:15

How to respond in difficult situations
In this chapter we will see several techniques that you can apply to respond in situations and with difficult people, work or your personal life. With them you can be prepared for the next occasion.

    How to deal with daily scorns 02:21
    The fog bank technique 01:22
    See the interaction with indifference and impartiality 02:38
    Learn to show your disagreement by asking questions 04:35
    How to talk about aggressive body language signals 02:00
    How to comment on the process 02:11
    Go from commenting an isolated case to the general habit 02:45
    Use the scratched disc technique 01:36
    Plan a second meeting 01:28
    How to know which words to use 06:31

Conclusion of Learn to be assertive
We have seen what assertiveness and techniques you can use, such as my four-step process. Go from commenting a sporadic case to the general habit; I see, I interpret, am I right ?, indifference and comment on the process. The next step is to try these techniques.

    Closing the Course Learn to be assertive 00:54

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Course Learn to be assertive

Course Learn to be assertive

Course Learn to be assertive / Free License

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