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Information: Advanced PHP course
Advanced PHP course, learn and make the most of PHP with its professional tools. Extend your knowledge using PHP in a professional way

PHP has grown far beyond what its original creator would have imagined, designed it for forms handling and as a page preprocessor. Raise the level of your applications with more specialized tools like Composer, PHPUnit, and Xdebug. Discover in this course how to take advantage of the command line, the internal PHP server and even more advanced functions of PHP as the execution operators. At the end of this training you will have increased the quality of your deliveries with the techniques that professionals use both in the philosophy of our code as well as in their technique.

Intermediate PHP and our development environment
We know how to use variables, arrays, and data structures in PHP. Let's pitch our skills and knowledge about PHP and its tools and see how we can use PHP to a level beyond web pages and forms.

    The evolution of PHP up to version 7 01:47
    How to install our development environment 01:15
    Modular PHP management 04:37
    Using the Composer Dependency Handler 03:26
    Using external PHP libraries 04:02

Design Patterns in PHP Usage
Various problems and solutions are presented in software development. These problems can be repeated in some other context. To avoid reinventing a solution that was already used in the past, solutions were grouped by so-called design patterns, which are nothing more than a solution to a specific problem that we can use to solve it without having to break our heads.

    Introduction to design patterns 02:17
    The pattern of Singleton 04:22
    Factory Pattern 03:29
    The Pattern of Strategy 03:52

PHP pragmatic and intermediate uses
PHP can be a Swiss Army Knife in terms of the resources we have to solve various challenges that arise. Let's look beyond variables and arrays by going into multidimensional arrays headed by HTTP, PDO's, cURL, command line and more. Let's explore a bit more to PHP.

    Multidimensional Arrays with PHP 05:58
    Manipulate the browser with HTTP headers 05:20
    Connecting BD with PDO 06:04
    The eval, exec and runtime functions 03:20
    Accessing other websites with cURL 06:45
    PHP and the command line 03:34
    Using the internal PHP server 03:04
    Encryption with the extension of MCrypt 04:29
    Managing images with PHP 05:03

Additional and useful tools for PHP
PHP now has tools that previously would have been unimaginable. Thanks to the implementation of PHP in PHP we can expand our reach by being able to debug or use TDD, for example. Let's also see how our level of programming (not just in PHP) should increase as we learn more tools, paradigms and ways of thinking.

    Debugging the PHP language 04:53
    Unit Testing with PHPUnit 04:54
    Functional tests with phpspec 02:49
    PHP script profiling 03:56
    Improve PHP performance 03:43
    Making the code more readable 04:12

Technical data:

     Format: .MP4
     Resolution: 1280x720p
     Image description
     Spanish Language
     Trainers: Bernardo Pineda
     Content: 24 Videos
     Duration: 1:37 hours
     Software: PrestaShop
     Base Files: YES Includes

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License Freeware
Language Only Spanish
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Advanced PHP Course Professional Tools

Advanced PHP Course Professional Tools

Advanced PHP Course Professional Tools / Free License

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